Current Honors Students

 My name is Danny Aoshana, and I am a junior at Cal State Northridge. Currently, I am volunteering as a pedagogical aide for Dr. Quilici's PSY 320 course and plan on working in a research lab soon. I am very excited to be a part of the new honors program and look forward to advancing my skills in this field of study. I have enjoyed taking many social psychology courses including both PSY 265 and PSY 345. After graduating, I plan on going to graduate school to pursue a degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. I am excited to apply everything I learn to my future career.

 My name is Jeremy Borrero, and I am a senior at Callifornia State University Northridge. I have always been captivated by the empirical aspects of Psychology, and was thus heavily spurred via PSY345 to pursue Social Psychology. To this end, I am currently enjoying my time as a research assistant in Professor Debbie Maís Stereotyping and Intergroup Prejudice Lab. Upon graduating, my professional goal is to pursue my MA in General Experimental Psychology and afterwards a Ph.D in Experimental Social Psychology. I am very pleased to be a part of the Psychology honors program, and hope that my passion for research will prove to be a valuable asset within the field.

 Hi, my name is Deborah Brown. My professional goal is to work with Adolescents in a clinical setting, incorporating Animal Therapy. I plan to go on to the Masters program in Marriage and Family Therapy at CSUN, and then get my PsyD. My favorite classes, to date, are Social Psychology and Gerontology. I am currently a Psi Chi member and working as a PA.

  Hello I am Kevin Cisneros and I am a double major in both Psychology and Child Development. My academic interests in both these fields are studying families and development. During my time at CSUN I have been an active member of the peer-educating program The Blues Project which raises awareness about depression and suicide prevention. I am currently an RA for Dr. Quilici's cognitive research lab and a member of the Psi Chi Honor Society. After graduating from CSUN I plan on going to graduate school to pursue a degree in Marriage Family Therapy. My passion in life is to help restore broken marriages and families that have withered away over time.

 I am Melanie Fessinger and I am currently a sophomore here at CSUN working on my undergraduate degree in psychology. I plan on completing this degree and going further to complete both my Masterís Degree and my Ph.D. Ultimately I hope to become an experimental psychologist researching topics related to the fields of forensic psychology or perhaps even some subset of neuroscience. I've especially enjoyed taking the biological psychology class as well as the research methods class at CSUN and I hope to be able to work in a research lab some time in the near future. I am open to learning about new fields that Iím interested in and I hope to never cease learning and exploring new topics through my education and career paths.

 My name is Fatima Flores and I am currently a junior with a Psychology major and Biology minor. The branch of psychology that captures my interest is behavioral neuroscience/biopsychology. It fascinates me how; in particular, these two fields interact to explore and explain our behavior and I aspire to conduct research in this field in the near future. I am part of the GE honors program as well, which has helped me to explore my interests; so I am very excited to be part of the new Psychology honors program and see what lies ahead of me.

 Hello, I'm Chantal Gagnon and am currently a junior at CSUN. As I have recently transferred, I am still exploring all of what this university has to offer and I feel excited to be a part of the honors program. After graduating with my bachelors in Psychology, my goal is to obtain my masters in Social Work. In my professional career I hope to advocate for children who may be victims of circumstance and work closely with their schools and parents to improve their lives. I look forward to what I will get to learn and experience as I continue my education.†

 My name is Gemma Guerrero, and I am in my final year at CSUN. My professional goal is at a crossroads at this point: I am highly interested in either becoming a clinician and obtaining a PsyD (by way of an MFT degree first), or a career in industrial/organizational psychology. To date, I have enjoyed taking Social Psychology with Dr. Rutchick, Abnormal Psychology with Dr. Blum, and Applied Cognition with Dr. Richards. I plan to obtain my graduate degree(s) in Northern California, where I hope to base my professional career (as is yet to be determined).

 My name is Kaitlyn Kauzor and I am a Junior here at CSUN. † I am currently involved in a clinical neuropsychology and multicultural laboratory and I am enjoying the experience very much. †Being in this lab has given me the opportunity to gain knowledge in the field of psychology that I am most interested in. †This semester I became a member of Psi Chi and WPA, and had the opportunity to present a poster at the Psi Chi Poster Competition. †In the Spring of 2014 I am attending the WPA conference to present a poster with my lab. †I will be graduating in the Spring of 2015, after which I hope to enter a graduate program to earn my Ph.D. †Until then, I look forward to continuing on in my lab and gaining more research experience, as well as attending more conferences. † ††

 My name is Sam Lee and I am a second year student. My area of interest is primarily on clinical/child developmental psychology. I plan and hope to participate in various research labs with the professors on campus, and ultimately prepare myself to enter in a graduate program. In terms of career goals, I hope to become a versatile psychologist - to conduct research as well as using my acquired knowledge and skill in practice. Overall, I am more than thrilled to see what the honors program has to offer in helping reach my goals.

 My name is Alfredo Leon and I am in my 4th year at CSUN and close to finishing my undergraduate studies, hoping to move on to a good graduate program soon after. My favorite class so far has been PSY 345, which has inspired me into considering following Social Psychology. I plan on attending graduate school to get my masterís and hopefully continue until my doctorateís.

 My name is Elena Mayer and I am in my second year at CSUN. †I am currently an English class assistant and tutor. † I have a passion for psychology and am very excited to be a part of this honors program. †I am interested in studying social norms, happiness, intrinsic and extrinsic goals and motivation. †I plan to pursue a graduate degree in Positive Psychology as well as a doctorate. †

 My name is Luis Navarro and I am a junior here majoring in psychology in addition with a minor in biology. My main objective in my academic road is to study the dynamic behavior of depression and suicide. I work for PSYCARE and the Valley Trauma Center in crisis intervention. I plan to get my masters here at CSUN with the intention to go further for my doctorates. My goal in my career is to research various populations that exploit signs of depressive behavior while being hands on with clients. I would say my favorite class is abnormal psychology PSY310.

 Hello, my name is Diana Perez, I am a Junior at California State University of Northridge. I am very excited for this coming Spring Semester to see what the honors program has in store for me. I hope to be challenged to the fullest extent. My goal is to graduate from CSUN and then get into a Ph.D program for Clinical Psychology. I am still undecided on what career path to take, but I do know that what ever I choose will be to help people and to enjoy my career.

 Hi, my name is Christopher Ponce.† I am in my junior year here at CSUN, and I am majoring in psychology and minoring in philosophy.† While at CSUN, I hope gain some experience in research by aiding professors in their reaserch and by conducting some research of my own. †I also plan on taking advantage of the opportunities that this program has to offer. †After I obtain my Bachelar's degree in psychology from CSUN, I plan to go onto grad school at one of Californiaís top public universities to obtain my Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis in cognitive psychology.† After I complete my graduate education, I plan to teach and conduct top research in the field of psychology by becoming a university professor. †

 My name is Luis Reyes. I am a third year undergraduate and a first-generation college student. I currently am a research assistant for Dr. Chaviraís Laboratory. I find that the work of psychology with education to be very interesting. In the future I hope to do research on school systems and the ways they affect students of color; also conduct research to try to help develop ways to influence schools and make the experiences of these underrepresented better. After I graduate from CSUN, I plan to apply to both Masterís and Doctoral Programs. My goal is to either attend another school in California or head to the east coast. When I am finished with my doctoral studies, I plan to come back to CSUN and become a university professor. Working with students is where my passion lies.

 My name is Arlene Sagastume and I am a third year Undergraduate Psychology major here at CSUN. I am currently in Dr. Lagana's NIH Adult Behavioral Medicine lab under the MARC-U*STAR program. I always hoped for a career that would allow me to share my knowledge and transmit my love of education so I believe I would possibly enjoy combining my research experience with a being a professor in the future. I am looking into either studying Applied Behavior Analysis, or Social Psychology, however I am still exploring!

 My name is Rachel Webb and I am extremely grateful to be accepted to the honors program. I am currently a junior at CSUN and am on the Northridge women's soccer team as well. My career goals so far have me heading in a direction towards sports psychology but i am also very interested in social psych as well. I have enjoy all of my classes here so far and the professors that really inspired me have been professor Otten and professor Abara. I'm looking forward to the challenges of this program as well as the coming rewards.

Students not pictured: Sidra Bahadar, Jennifer Escobar, Brandon Hackney, Amber Poole, Carine Beharian, Kathryn Raso.