Current Honors Students

 My name is Sami Alsalloom. I am a senior at CSUN, studying Psychology and Music. I am currently interested in researching how musical learning changes the brain, how music affects brain plasticity, and what a cognitive model for musical processes might look like. I am excited to be accepted into the honors program and am looking forward to growing in knowledge and accomplishments with my cohort. I would love to earn a PhD in Psychology or Neuroscience and would look forward to a career filled with learning.

 My name is Carine. I am a psychology major, and I hope to get into a graduate program for Clinical Psychology. My academic goal is to get a graduate level degree. I want to, at some point in my life, teach at a major university and conduct research. One day I plan on opening a non-profit organization for the mentally ill homeless population. I hope I can accomplish all my dreams and aspirations.

  Hello, my name is Cynthia Carrera and I am currently a senior here at CSUN, majoring in psychology with a minor in family studies. I am so glad to have been accepted into this program and am very excited to see what is in store for me. Psychology has so many specific fields to go into that is has been difficult to choose what I want to specialize in. This semester I am taking a developmental and a social psychology course which have been capturing my attention. Although I have yet to pick a specialty I know that graduate school is in my future. I would also like to participate in a lab before I graduate to gain some hands on experience in the psychology field. I look forward to finishing up all my cluster courses, and learning all about the different fields, so I can ultimately decide what I would like to specialize in.

  Hello my name is Kevin Cisneros and I am a graduating senior with a double major in Child and Adolescent Development and Psychology. I am a first generation college student who is pursuing higher education after graduating from CSUN. Currently I work as a research assistant in Dr. Quilici’s cognitive decision making lab and also in Dr. Chavira’s lab researching on Latina/o students. I am also serving as a Peer Mentor for Dr. Wakefield’s CADV 150 class and have also worked as a Peer Educator for the Blues Project, an organization here on campus that raises awareness about depression and suicide prevention. After graduating from CSUN I am pursuing to earn a doctorate degree in Social Work. My academic interests are researching families of low social economic status and development. I plan on working in academia after obtaining a Ph.D and giving back to education for all it has done for me. I would like to have my own research lab with undergraduate students and provide mentoring to guide them in their undergraduate studies all the way to graduate school. Simultaneously I would want to work in an applied setting of social work providing psychotherapy and counseling services to patients in a private practice. I strongly believe in higher education and its immense power to create opportunities for students and their futures.

 Hello, my name is Elizabeth Damavandi and this is my fourth year at CSUN. Once upon a time, I used to be a Biology major. Once I took an intro to psychology class to fulfill my GE requirements, I was hooked! Even though I was almost done with my major, I decided to pursue Psychology. Psychology is one of my strengths AND I really enjoy it- which is perfect. As for career goals: by competing on the CSUN speech and debate team, I now know that I want to pursue a career in law or utilize my skills as an industrial-organizational psychologist. I really enjoyed taking PSY 320, PSY 310, and PSY 345.

 Now in my final year here at CSUN, I have developed a strong interest in Positive Psychology, which goes beyond the simple diagnosis of psychological ailments and instead focuses on how to help people thrive and flourish. Furthermore, I’m very interested in the psychological bonds between humans and animals, and I'm strongly committed to finding ways of helping seniors maintain healthy bonds with their pets while transitioning to or maintaining a life in an assisted-living home and/or nursing home. Following graduation with my BS in Psychology from Northridge, I plan to pursue an advanced degree in psychiatric nursing.

 My name is Taylor Ferguson and I am currently a senior here at Cal State University - Northridge working on my undergraduate degree in psychology. I am currently a research assistant for Debbie Ma's social psychology lab. My goal after CSUN is to go to graduate school, be it a master's program or Ph.D. program probably focusing in clinical psychology, but I'm still not entirely sure and I hope to figure it out soon!

 I am Melanie Fessinger and I am currently a junior at CSUN working toward my undergraduate degree in psychology. I plan to complete this degree and follow with graduate school shortly thereafter. Ultimately I hope to conduct research in the areas of law psychology and behavioral neuroscience, specifically in regard to the court and criminal justice system. I've especially enjoyed taking the biological psychology class and the research methods class at CSUN and I hope to be able to get involved in a research lab on campus some time in the near future. I am open to learning about new fields that I’m interested in and I hope to never cease learning and exploring new topics through my education and career path.

 Hello, I am Fatima Flores and I am in my final year as an undergraduate here at CSUN. During the last year, I have to say my interests have changed drastically as I am now interested in the fields of behavior analysis and social welfare. Although I am undecided on which of these two fields I will pursue, I now feel I am closer than ever to taking the right path. I have to contribute an important part of this to my experience as an Honors Psychology student, as the program, courses, and professors have inspired and directed me to where I am now. . My plans for the near future is to continue my education by pursuing my Master’s degree and incorporate that into my professional goal which is to help disadvantaged children and my community.

 Hello, my name is Chantal Gagnon and I am a senior. During my time at CSUN, I've developed an interest in positive psychology, child development, marriage/family relations, and nutrition. I'm passionate about children and families as well as educational policies. After graduation, I plan on attending grad school to obtain my MSW with a concentration on school social work to work directly with children along with their teachers and parents to improve the course of their lives. Eventually I aspire to become an advocate for educational policies that can enable children with an understanding of their backgrounds, as well as prepare them for healthy, fulfilling lives. So far the honors program has opened up many opportunities for me and I am looking forward to graduating under it.

 My name is Larisa Gavrilova and I am a senior at CSUN. I am currently participating as a research assistant in Dr. Lagana’s NIH Behavioral Medicine Laboratory. I have really enjoyed taking counseling psychology PSY 460 and abnormal psychology PSY 310 with Professor Hamer who has been a true inspiration in the field of clinical psychology, which I eventually plan to obtain my PhD in. I am very excited to be a part of the Psychology Honors program in order to be better prepared for my graduate studies.

 Hi my name is Stephanie Garayoa and I am a fourth year Psychology undergraduate student. I am yet to determine my exact professional goals, however I have a passion for Behavioral Analysis and working with children with special needs. Once my undergraduate degree is completed, I plan to continue my education and hopefully obtain a PhD. I am very grateful to have been accepted into the Psychology Honors Program and am excited to see where my education takes me.  Hi, I’m Brandon Hackney. This semester, I'm taking all of my cluster courses and applying as a research assistant in order to gain insight and experience in the various subfields of Psychology. I expect that this will help me to make an informed decision as to what sort of graduate program to pursue.

 My name is Kaitlyn Kauzor and I am a senior, graduating in Spring 2015. For the past year I have been gaining experience in my clinical neuropsychology/multicultural lab and have enjoyed this very much. With this lab I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the poster presentations at WPA this past year, as well as at PURC. As I continue my education I hope to attend CSUN for my MA in clinical psychology, as to prepare me for a clinical PhD program. I am looking forward to continuing my research with my lab and having the opportunity to present at future conferences.

 My name is Sam Lee and I am currently in my third year at CSUN. I am currently part of Dr. Holli Tonyan's lab, and has been gaining various research experiences ever since my arrival. I hope to further engage in more in-depth research, as well as preparing myself for graduate school in clinical psychology for the remainder of the two years I have left at CSUN. My overall passion will be to conduct research that can supplement the practicum, seeking the links between spirituality and clinical psychology.  My name is Alfredo Leon and I am in my 4th year at CSUN and close to finishing my undergraduate studies, hoping to move on to a good graduate program soon after. My favorite class so far has been PSY 345, which has inspired me into considering following Social Psychology. I plan on attending graduate school to get my master’s and hopefully continue until my doctorate’s.

  Ivan Madrigal.

 My name is Elena Mayer and I am in my second year at CSUN.  I am currently an English class assistant and tutor.   I have a passion for psychology and am very excited to be a part of this honors program.  I am interested in studying social norms, happiness, intrinsic and extrinsic goals and motivation.  I plan to pursue a graduate degree in Positive Psychology as well as a doctorate.  

 Hi my name is Ana Rubi Moralez and I am a 4th year student at CSUN. My major is Psychology and my minor is general Sociology. I am interested in both human behavior and how it relates to society. After I graduate I would like to continue on to getting my Master in either applied Sociology or work towards my PhD. I am excited to be a part of the Honors program and I am looking forward for what is to come.  

 My name is Luis Navarro and I am a junior here majoring in psychology in addition with a minor in biology. My main objective in my academic road is to study the dynamic behavior of depression and suicide. I work for PSYCARE and the Valley Trauma Center in crisis intervention. I plan to get my masters here at CSUN with the intention to go further for my doctorates. My goal in my career is to research various populations that exploit signs of depressive behavior while being hands on with clients. I would say my favorite class is abnormal psychology PSY310.

 Hello, my name is Diana Perez, I am a Junior at California State University of Northridge. I am very excited for this coming Spring Semester to see what the honors program has in store for me. I hope to be challenged to the fullest extent. My goal is to graduate from CSUN and then get into a Ph.D program for Clinical Psychology. I am still undecided on what career path to take, but I do know that what ever I choose will be to help people and to enjoy my career.

 My name is Christopher Ponce, and I am in my fourth year as an undergraduate. I am currently working as a research assistant for Dr. Wohldmann, and I'm also a pedagogical aide for one of Dr. Quilici's Psy 320 labs. During my time in the honors program I have had the opportunity to further challenge myself academically. I have also had the opportunity to work with professors, which has made me more competitive for grad school. After I obtain my Bachelor's degree in psychology in the spring, I plan to pursue a doctorate in psychology with an emphasis in cognition. After I obtain my doctorate, I plan to become a university professor so I can teach and conduct research.

 Hi, I'm Monica Ramos and I am currently in my senior year at CSUN. I came into CSUN as a transfer student and love everything this university has to offer. So far during my undergrad career I have had the opportunity to partake in two internships. One with UC Berkeley's Research Lab researching maltreatment in the food industry and another in Washington D.C. for a non-profit battling extreme poverty in Sub-Saharan African. My intern experience has certainly shaped my career goals. After graduation I plan on going to graduate school to pursue a degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. I am fascinated by the workplace and hope to achieve a career that is focused on helping businesses succeed while still being able to provide a great environment for its employees. I am very excited to be apart of the Honors Psychology Program and cannot wait to see what my last year has in store for me.

 My name is Kathryn Raso and I am a fourth year undergraduate student. My interest in the field of psychology arose from several years of working as a caregiver for adults with developmental disabilities. More recently I have been doing behavioral training with children and adolescents who have varying degrees of autism. I am considering studying Applied Behavior Analysis; however, I am also interested in pursuing a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I am excited for the next few months in which I will be doing research, planning for graduate studies, and enjoying the rest of my time here at CSUN.

 My name is Luis Reyes. I am a third year undergraduate and a first-generation college student. I currently am a research assistant for Dr. Chavira’s Laboratory. I find that the work of psychology with education to be very interesting. In the future I hope to do research on school systems and the ways they affect students of color; also conduct research to try to help develop ways to influence schools and make the experiences of these underrepresented better. After I graduate from CSUN, I plan to apply to both Master’s and Doctoral Programs. My goal is to either attend another school in California or head to the east coast. When I am finished with my doctoral studies, I plan to come back to CSUN and become a university professor. Working with students is where my passion lies.

 My name is Arlene Sagastume and I am in my last year as an Undergraduate Psychology major here at CSUN. I am currently in Dr. Luciana Lagana's NIH Adult Behavioral Medicine lab under the MARC-U*STAR program. I love research and I have a great interest and passion for studying ethnically diverse women and their physical, mental and emotional well-being. I am currently applying to graduate school and hope to obtain my Ph.D. in the near future. I always hoped for a career that would allow me to share my knowledge and transmit my love of education so I believe I would possibly enjoy combining my research experience with a being a professor in the future. I am honored to be in the first cohort of this department’s honor program and look forward to absorbing all that I can from this experience.

 Hi, my name is Andrew Son, and I'm a transfer student in my final year at CSUN. Getting into the honors program was a blessing to me, and I look forward to challenging myself. This year, I'm participating in a research lab conducted by Professor Ma, and I hope to build lasting relationships and experience through it. After graduation, I plan on continuing my education at CSUN in clinical or general-experimental psychology graduate program. After that, I'm planning on attending a PsyD program to become a licensed clinical practitioner.

 My name is Rachel Webb and I am extremely grateful to be accepted to the honors program. I am currently a junior at CSUN and am on the Northridge women's soccer team as well. My career goals so far have me heading in a direction towards sports psychology but i am also very interested in social psych as well. I have enjoy all of my classes here so far and the professors that really inspired me have been professor Otten and professor Abara. I'm looking forward to the challenges of this program as well as the coming rewards.