September 11, 2006

To the Campus Community:

Five years ago, the university community shared in the nation’s grief over the loss of life that occurred in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001. As I mentioned at a commemoration shortly after the tragedy, it is an event that affected the security and stability of everyone’s lives, and it continues to resonate today.

As we reflect on this tragedy five years later and remember the victims, their families and the many other people whose lives it touched, I hope we also remember the unity, understanding and strength that were shown by people in the nation and around the world in response. By coming together as we did in the aftermath of this tragedy, we saw that people around the world share the same dreams, hopes and fears. Just as important, we recognized there was strength in diversity and being part of a larger human community.

Such ideals have guided our nation since its founding and, indeed, Cal State Northridge as one of the most diverse higher education institutions in the country. As we each take a few moments to reflect on the fifth anniversary of September 11 and remember those impacted, I hope each of us can draw strength and comfort from the values we share, and commit ourselves to forging a world based on tolerance, understanding and peace.

In commemoration of this event, and in keeping with the Federal proclamation designating September 11 each year as Patriot Day, I have directed that the university flag be flown at half staff today. Members of the campus community are encouraged to mark the day in a manner that is personally appropriate and in keeping with the Patriot Day proclamation.

Jolene Koester
California State University, Northridge

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September 2006