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There’s A New Dog In Town…And She’s Sniffing Her Way to a New Career with CSUN PD!

K9 Daisy and her partner Officer Virgil Messmore are CSUN PD’s newest K9 team!  They are now in training at the Inglis K9 Police Dog Academy in Ventura. Following the passing of K9 Mitch in January and retirement of Cpl. Tom Finnerty and his partner Isy in March, Officer Messmore was selected after a competitive process in an effort to rebuild the CSUN PD K9 Unit, first formed in 2005.  Read More



A Message About Emergency Procedures at CSUN

Emergency procedures in place at CSUN provide guidance in what to do in an emergency, including an active shooter incident.  The emergency desk references for students, faculty, and staff are available on-line and hard copy.  These desk references discuss a variety of emergency situations and procedures.  Specifically, in an active shooter emergency, remember the following:

Get Out!  When you hear gunshots, don’t second guess the situation.  Get out immediately if at all possible.  If you are out in the open, take cover or run away in a zig zag pattern.

Hide Out!  Find a location, lock or blockade the door, turn off the lights, spread out with others in the room and make a plan.

—Help Out! Help the injured as best you can until help arrives.  Remain calm and quiet and be a calming influence for others.

—Fight! If neither running nor hiding is a safe option, as a last resort, when confronted by the shooter, consider trying to disrupt or incapacitate the shooter. This can be done by using aggressive force such as using items in the environment to throw at a shooter (fire extinguisher, chair, backpacks, etc.).  This is a life/death situation in which your “survival mindset” must take over!

Additionally, the Department of Police Services will utilize redundant methods of communication to send emergency messages and updates via email, voicemail, text, social media posts and emergency signage.

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Campus Crime Trend Alert: Bicycle Thefts, February 29, 2016

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