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A Message About Emergency Procedures at CSUN

Emergency procedures in place at CSUN provide guidance in what to do in an emergency, including an active shooter incident.  The emergency desk references for students, faculty, and staff are available on-line and hard copy.  These desk references discuss a variety of emergency situations and procedures.  Specifically, in an active shooter emergency, remember the following:

Get Out!  When you hear gunshots, don’t second guess the situation.  Get out immediately if at all possible.  If you are out in the open, take cover or run away in a zig zag pattern.

Hide Out!  Find a location, lock or blockade the door, turn off the lights, spread out with others in the room and make a plan.

—Help Out! Help the injured as best you can until help arrives.  Remain calm and quiet and be a calming influence for others.

—Fight! If neither running nor hiding is a safe option, as a last resort, when confronted by the shooter, consider trying to disrupt or incapacitate the shooter. This can be done by using aggressive force such as using items in the environment to throw at a shooter (fire extinguisher, chair, backpacks, etc.).  This is a life/death situation in which your “survival mindset” must take over!

Additionally, the Department of Police Services will utilize redundant methods of communication to send emergency messages and updates via email, voicemail, text, social media posts and emergency signage.

Crime Alerts

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October 25, 2016

An update from Chief Glavin regarding the Sept. 27 attempted kidnapping:

Dear Campus Community,

On Sept. 27, a CSUN student reported an attempted kidnapping as occurring off-campus on Dearborn Street. Following an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department with the help of CSUN Police, LAPD has determined that this incident is unfounded. The definition of "unfounded" is that the incident alleged in the crime report did not occur.

The reports of this attempted kidnapping incident understandably generated a great deal of concern within our campus community. Although this crime did not occur, the CSUN Police remain vigilant in keeping you and the campus safe. I encourage you to avail yourself of our many crime prevention education workshops listed on our website,http://www.csun.edu/police/events, and our Matador Patrol safety escort service (see our new app within the CSUN app directory). And as always, if you need any assistance, call CSUN Police at ext. 2111.

I also urge all members of the community to sign up for daily crime log emails to keep abreast of crimes reported to CSUN Police (email to be added to the listserv), and we will, of course, continue to immediately send timely warnings via the emergency broadcast system whenever there is a potential threat to the safety of the campus community.

The safety of the CSUN community remains our top priority.

Questions and concerns may be directed to my office at ext. 7922.

Chief Anne Glavin
Department of Police Services

Original Message to the Community on Sept. 28, 2016:

Dear Campus Community,

Since the start of the fall semester, the campus has experienced a series of crime incidents that have occurred on campus and off campus near our borders. This type of activity during such a short period of time is highly unusual. I want to emphasize that the health and safety of CSUN students, faculty, staff and visitors is our top priority. Rest assured, we are taking steps to ensure the safety of our campus environment, including the arrest of potential suspects.

These types of situations can raise concerns about safety issues. When an incident does occur, it is important that everyone in the CSUN community know what the Department of Police Services is doing to address the situation and how members of our campus community can maximize personal crime prevention measures. This is the reason we issue, as required by law, timely warnings and emergency notifications on multiple platforms. In some serious situations where there is no requirement by law to issue an alert, we have done so in order to inform our community. This was the case with the attempted kidnapping. These alerts benefit everyone with situational awareness and crime prevention tips, making our campus community safer.

At this time the Department of Police Services has increased our police patrols. Our student Matador Patrol will actively seek out those who may be walking alone after dark on campus to provide safety escorts, in addition to our usual motorized cart escorts. Our parking officers will patrol parking lots with their amber lights on so anyone needing assistance can flag them down.

We are also developing a one-hour lunchtime and early evening crime prevention program, that will roll out soon, called "Streetwise and Streetsmart!" Please consult the Police Services website for information on this program and our other safety training courses.

Following are updates on recent crime incidents:

  • Several robberies involving the sale of cell phones occurred in the past few weeks. CSUN police detectives are poised to obtain warrants for the arrest of suspects in all of these incidents. Video footage from the campus security camera system played a key role in our investigation.
  • CSUN police officers responded within four minutes to an incident on Friday involving a former student with a sledgehammer near the Matador statue. He was taken into custody and remains incarcerated pending a court appearance. In this case, there was no broadcast messaging to campus because there was no threat to campus as the suspect was arrested immediately upon police officers arriving on the scene.
  • An off-campus shooting occurred Sunday at a residence near Zelzah Avenue and Lassen Street. At no time was the campus in danger, nor was there any "active shooter" situation. This incident did not involve anyone from the CSUN community.
  • Yesterday, an attempted kidnapping of a student off-campus on Dearborn Street was reported to CSUN Police. This is being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department with the help of CSUN Police. A composite picture of the suspect has been released by CSUN Police and is available on our Facebook page. This information also was sent out to the campus community via the university emergency broadcast system.

 We ask the CSUN community to please report anyone fitting the description of the suspect reported in the attempted kidnapping case to CSUN Police (ext. 2111). You can also call that number for assistance with personal safety plans and crime prevention education. In addition, you may call ext. 5042 or 5048 to arrange for Matador Patrol escort service when needed.

The campus will continue to immediately send timely warnings via the emergency broadcast system whenever there is a potential threat to the safety of the campus community. If you have not done so, please make sure that the university has your current emergency contact information, which you can check within the MyNorthridge Portal.

Our community's safety is our top priority, and we are working hard to apprehend those responsible for the crimes, as well as implementing additional safety measures.

Questions and concerns may be directed to my office at ext. 7922.

 Chief Anne Glavin

Department of Police Services

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