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Contact Information

Sierra Hall 306E


Publications & Presentations

Office Hours

7:30-8 am Mon/Wed - OV 025
9:30-10:30 am Mon/Wed - SH 306e
or by arrangement

Spring 2018 Courses

PSY 460: Counseling & Interview
PSY 492: Honors Prof Develop
PSY 581: Teaching of Psy

Other Courses I Teach

PSY 692: Grad Research Methods
PSY 660: Seminar in Counseling
PSY 321/L: Research Methods & Lab
PSY 442: Comm. & Conflict Resol.
PSY 301: Psych Preprofessional
PSY 150: Intro to Psy

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Things to Do In and Around Los Angeles

Since moving to LA, I have taken up many activities, explored many activities, and eaten many new types of foods. A few of the things I have done are listed below.

Low Tides (find low tides)

San Fernando & San Gabriel Valleys

West LA Area

South LA Area

  • Balboa Island
  • The Wedge - this is a crazy body surfing place. You have to see it to belive it.
  • Great rollerblading at Newport Beach and Huntington Beach

Malibu Area

Downtown LA & Vicinity


Antelope Valley

San Pedro Area