Current and Past Students in the "A Lab" Research Team

Recent Past Students in Ph.D. programs (A Lab Home)

Current Master's Students (A Lab Home)

Lisa Dalati, lab co-supervisor, is currently in the final year of the clinical psychology master’s program at CSUN. Following the completion of her masters program, she plans on pursuing joint JD/PhD degrees. Lisa’s research interest centers on adolescent delinquency and the impact incarceration has on their mental health. As a doctoral student, she will investigate the effects of adolescent incarceration on their mental health and development, especially as it relates to disadvantaged and immigrant families. Her goal is to reduce recidivism rates among adolescents and emerging adults, with joint contributions to the field of law and psychology.

Hector Nolasco, lab co-supervisor, is in the general experimental masters program and has a bachelor's degree in psychology from CSUN. His long-term goals are to complete a Ph.D. in human development and family sciences and to obtain a university faculty position. He hopes to conduct research pertaining to how adolescents' relationship with their parents relate to their success. His hobbies include reading, working on cars, and participating in archery tournaments.

Jiang Rui, lab co-supervisor, is a second year master’s student in general experiment psychology at CSUN, and she graduated from Henan University in China with a major in psychology. Her career goal is to pursue a faculty position where she can teach applied statistics and research method after obtaining a Ph.D. in research psychology. Her research interests include multivariate statistics, latent factor analysis, psychometric properties of measurements, and using quantitative methods to investigate how family dynamics, school environment, and neighborhood qualities impact adolescents and emerging adults’ well-beings. She is also the instructor for “PSY 320L Statistical Methods in Psychological Research Lab”. She enjoys horror movies, fictional novels, and food hunting.

Antranik Tony Kirakosian, Senior Researcher, is a master's student in clinical psychology and has a bachelor's degree in psychology from CSUN. His long-term goal is to obtain a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and teach in higher education, and be a psychologist practicing therapy. Tony is interested in individual qualities related to the mental health (e.g., depression, anxiety) of young Armenians. Tony is an afterschool program leader and private tutor. His interests include photography, drawing, baking, and technological innovations.

Andrew Takimoto, Senior Researcher, is a master's student in general experimental psychology and has a bachelor's degree in psychology from CSUN. He plans to obtain a Ph.D in developmental psychology. Andrew’s career goals are to be able to do research on stress affecting young adults and how they adapt to the struggles of responsibilities and expectations. He is also interested in how mood disorders of a parent can affect a family and young children. His interests include swimming, hiking, reading, weight lifting, being more exposed to the arts (e.g., plays and museums), and going out with friends.

Kimberlee Marsh is a current master’s student in social work and graduated cum laude with a bachelor's degree in psychology from CSU Fresno. Her influences are derived from the intersection between clinical psychology and social work; specifically, social justice and mental health. Her long-term goals are to complete a PhD in social work, and to obtain a faculty position at a university. In addition, she hopes to run a private practice, while still maintaining roots in her community. In her personal life, she is a voracious reader, and she also enjoys writing stories and poetry.

Francesca Guglielmi is currently in her second year of the clinical psychology MA program at CSUN. She completed her undergraduate studies at Pepperdine University and Connecticut College, receiving BAs in psychology and Italian studies, respectively. Following the completion of her masters program, she plans on pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology. Her research interests center on emerging adulthood, particularly in the area of male-female differences in communication and intimacy. Francesca currently volunteers with Crisis Text Line, a text-based crisis hotline, as a crisis counselor. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, walking her dog, spending time with friends, and trying new things.

Postbac Students in the "ALab" Research Team (A Lab Home)

Stephanie Dunn graduated from UCLA in 2014 with a B.S. in psychobiology.  Since that time, she has been working as a private tutor for students grades 6-12 and preparing for graduate school. She plans to earn a master’s degree and, ultimately, a Ph.D. in experimental psychology.  Stephanie hopes to meaningfully contribute to research that elucidates the both the psychological factors and neurobiological mechanisms underlying mood disorders.  In addition to her scientific endeavors, Stephanie enjoys writing poetry and aims to one day have both her academic and creative writing published.  

Ryan Akers is a graduate from CSUN. He majored in psychology and plans on completing a master’s degree in counseling with an emphasis in college counseling and student services. His long-term goal is to work at a university, helping student with disabilities and veterans. His research interests include the transition of developmental stages in lower income families and the effects of socio-economic status on children’s physical, emotional, and temperamental development. Ryan volunteers as a listener for a crisis helpline. Ryan enjoys spending time by going on hikes, watching hockey, and traveling. 

Kristina Davtyan is graduating in Spring 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She plans to continue onto graduate school to receive her master’s in experimental psychology. Her research interests include cognitive neuropsychology, pedagogy, and ecopsychology. She is a long time sustainability activist and spends her undergraduate years organizing student environmental groups on college campuses across California. Outside of the lab, Kristina enjoys discovering California’s diverse trails and is an avid DIYer.

Vivian Nguyen is a senior at CSUN majoring in psychology. Her educational goal is to get a PhD so she can be a clinical psychologist. She is currently completing training with the CSUN Help Line. She especially wants to work with soldiers who went to war and are dealing with PTSD. In addition, she wants to work with people from different cultures where there is a stigma attached to poor mental health. She loves traveling and making adventures.

Mike Martinez is a senior in psychology. He hopes to get into a Ph.D. program with his main focus on social psychology focusing on cultural influences. Currently, he works at an urgent care clinic as an x-ray technician. In his free time, he enjoys playing the guitar and writing music. He also enjoys spending time with is friends, CSUN Ambassadors, and JADE (Joint advocates on Disorder Eating).

Yola Diab is a senior majoring in psychology. Learning is her passion in life. She aspires to complete a master's in clinical psychology and then a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.  She would like to teach at a university and practice therapy as a psychologist.  She is interested in all aspects of human interactions and their relationships; this includes spending time with family and friends. Some of her other interests are reading, music, dance, and yoga.

Undergraduate Students in the "A Lab" Research Team (A Lab Home)

Carlos Corvera, assistant lab supervisor, is currently in his senior year at CSUN where he is majoring in psychology. Carlos' educational goals are to pursue a master's degree in clinical psychology followed by a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. His research interests include depression and anxiety in Latino adolescents and young adults. His career goals are to conduct research and have a private practice. His interests include playing/watching soccer, reading, watching comic book based TV shows, and spending quality time with family.

Darren Winograd is an undergraduate senior majoring in psychology at CSUN. His education goals are to pursue a master’s degree and later achieve a Ph.D., in clinical psychology. His career goals are to perform assessments for diagnostic purposes. He currently works at CSUN, couching students on using a new software introduced for clubs and organization. He also volunteers as the training director of the CSUN Helpline, creating and facilitating lectures to potential volunteers. His interests include photography, film, cooking and running.

Chloe Telles is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Her interests include hiking, traveling to new places, the beach, poetry and learning about wellness on a holistic level. Chloe is currently volunteering at a hospital and at a non-profit organization called the Children’s Hunger Fund. Her career goals include becoming a primary care physician and eventually having her own private practice.

Jose Estrada is a senior and emerging researcher at CSUN, he is a psychology major and queer studies minor. He is planning to attend graduate school with aspirations of attaining a Ph.D. His research interests involve the intersectional relationships of Gender, sex, and ethnicity and their influence on a range of social factors. Including but not limited to, identity construction, community organization, career and academic goals, mental health disparities, experiences of discrimination, and stereotype threat. He hopes to become a mentor for future researchers who aspire to create social change.

Richard Gonsalez is a junior entering his second year of research. He is interested in going into the field of industrial organizational (or business) psychology. His research experience involves (1) evaluation research, (2) qualitative work using critical race theory and inequities in education and  (1) quantitative work examining family factors related to mental health. He would like to do research that can be applied to everyday life as well as related to his interests in IO psych. He has many hours working in community service and has held leadership roles in these organizations.

Artin Chovardian, is a senior majoring in psychology with a minor in business law. After receiving a bachelor’s degree he plans to pursue a master’s degree and ultimately a Ph.D. in experimental psychology. He is interested in learning more about social and personality psychology. His other interests include playing soccer, visiting museums, trying new restaurants, playing video/board games, and traveling.

Andrea Villanueva is majoring in psychology with a minor in child and adolescent development. She is currently a part of the BUILD PODER program as a scholar. Her goal after receiving her bachelor's degree is applying and getting into a Ph.D. program. She is interested in the field of clinical psychology and focusing on individuals who are suffering from mental illnesses (especially youth) and identifying strategies to cope with stress. Some Andrea's personal interests include photography, traveling, reading, and writing poetry.

Arya Akhavan is a senior in psychology. Currently a pre-med student, his goal is to become a medical doctor and specialize in psychiatry. His research interests include psychosomatic disorders in the field of clinical psychology, neuropsychology, and psychophysics. His other interests are photography, cinematography, writing, and exercise.

Mineh Nazari is currently a senior completing her B.A. in honors psychology. After receiving a bachelor's degree, her educational goal is to earn her Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Her career goal is to work with children and adolescents with developmental disabilities, as well as variety of emotional and behavior differences in home, school, and clinical settings. 

Modesta Soto is a senior at CSUN majoring in psychology and plans to apply for a masters in clinical psychology. Her long-term goal is to get a Ph.D. and work as a clinician, treating individuals dealing with phobias, drug abuse, etc. Modesta currently volunteers for CSUN Helpline and enjoys going to the gym and spending time with her family and friends during her spare time.

Brace Baconis a senior at CSUN majoring in psychology. Brace’s educational goal is to obtain a PsyD in clinical psychology and begin his own private practice or work in a clinical setting. Although Brace has not determined the focus of his private practice, he is interested in exploring opportunities within the LGBT community as well as forensic psychology. He also plans to write a series of children’s books addressing challenges facing adolescents in “unconventional” households. He is currently volunteering at the CSUN Helpline, and also has an internship with the Los Angeles LGBT Center in West Hollywood. Brace works full-time as an estate manager and in his spare time enjoys tennis, travelling, and giving back to the community.

Bar Gabay is a senior at CSUN, majoring in psychology, with a focused interest in neurobehavioral-psychology. Her future goals include obtaining a master's degree, and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology with an emphasis on neurobehavioral-psychology. These degrees will assist her in ultimately gaining a job in a government agency. She is interested in working with a criminal justice agency in order to profile and analyze persons of interest. Her research interests include the perception of police brutality between male and female police officers, and the relationship between the frontal lobe and impulsivity.

Allison Temourian is a senior at CSUN, majoring in psychology. Her long-term goals include obtaining her master's degree and then a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology, and ultimately medical school. Allison has been a Type 1 Diabetic for over 18 years and currently provides assistance to newly diagnosed patients and their families. In her free time, Allison enjoys reading, dancing, writing, and trying new foods with her family.

Eric Ashley will be graduating in spring 2017 with his B.A. in psychology at CSUN. Eric is also volunteering as a peer educator for The Blues Project, an organization devoted to raising awareness on mental health issues, specifically depression and suicidality in the CSUN community through tabling events or classroom presentations. He has reached many students and faculty members at CSUN about these issues. Eric would like to go to graduate school and eventually complete a PhD in clinical psychology to achieve his career goals, which are to teach, conduct research and have a private practice. In his spare time, he likes to work out at the gym and hang out with his friends.

Chelsea Swafford is currently a senior at CSUN, majoring in psychology. Her goal is to obtain a master's degree in school psychology and then to become a school psychologist at a high school. She also plans on getting her Ph.D. in school psychology so that she can have her own private practice. Her research interests focus on adolescence and how different factors such as socioeconomic status, race, and social capital can affect adolescents' educational outcomes. Chelsea currently works at a high school as an AVID Tutor where she prepares high school students for college. In her free time she likes to exercise, watch sports, and spend time with her daughter.

Charles Thoms is a senior majoring in psychology and also Chicana and Chicano studies at CSUN. Charles' educational goal is to earn a masters degree in educational psychology and become a Marriage and Family Therapist who works in a private practice. Charles wants to specialize in working with families who have teens who struggle with video game addiction. Another area of interest is multicultural counseling with newly arrived immigrant families. Currently Charles works as a supplemental instructor for introductory statistics at CSUN. Charles is interested in becoming a part-time lecturer in psychology while seeing clients at his practice. In his spare time Charles enjoys reading science fiction novels and playing video games.

Andrea Neumann is graduating in spring of 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She plans to continue onto graduate school to receive her master’s in college counseling/student services. She loves working at the lab and does every task that needs attention, but she does not have a specific preference in research (yet). Andrea is in the process of becoming a volunteer with Youth Policy Institute / ServiceWorks to become a Career Coach (Mentor) for high-risk youth age 16-24. 

Elizabeth Tang is a CSUN senior pursuing a B.A. in psychology. She finds clinical and cognitive psychology the most fascinating. Meanwhile, her research interests involve examining at-risk youth and factors that may contribute to mental illness. Elizabeth aspires to assist troubled adolescents before time exacerbates their psychological distress. Her goal is to obtain a master’s degree in social work or counseling.

Matt Selbrede is a junior at CSUN, and will be graduating in spring of 2018 with a bachelor's degree in psychology. He plans to get a master's and conduct research with a focus on sleep and dreams. He would like to understand more about the third of our life we spend unconscious and see what and how our dreams affect our waking lives. His personal dreams include being a radio host and traveling the world.

Christine Anderson is a junior at CSUN, and will be graduating in spring 2018 with a B.A in psychology. Her long term goals include obtaining a master’s degree in psychology, counseling, or a field where she could help others. Having volunteered for an emergency room and now starting out in the research lab, Christine is spending time figuring out her true interests and passions. In research, her personal interests are social psychology, developmental psychology, and studying parenting styles and family relations. In her spare time, Christine enjoys working out at the gym, cooking and eating delicious food, traveling, and hanging out with friends.

High School Students in the "A Lab" Research Team (A Lab Home)

Byran Denq is a junior in high school. He is interested in studying sociology and psychology. His research goals include determining and understanding motivation and conformity among populations, as well as, devising ways to measure their intensities. He also wishes to explore humanistic and rational emotive therapies. He volunteers regularly with Tzu Chi International, which gives him both the opportunity to help the less privileged and to observe social behavior up close. His hobbies include hanging out with friends, analyzing artworks and sculptures, walking, and writing stories.