Adolescents' Adjustment

Examining neighborhood, school, peer, and family influences on minority adolescents' mental health and academics.

Emerging Adults' Well-Being

Investigating identity, rumination, discrimination, stress, coping, perceived parenting, and mental health of ethnically-diverse, emerging adults.

Building Connections for Success

Evaluating a program designed to increase students' retention and graduation rates through faculty and peer mentoring, remediation, and peer learning facilitators.

Research Infrastructure of Minority Institutions

Evaluating a program designed to build CSUN's infrastructure to study and reduce health disparities.

Scott W. Plunkett, PhD

Principal Investigator

Sierra Hall 306e (Research Lab)
Department of Psychology
California State University Northridge
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8255

Past Research Projects

Conducting quality research to improve people's lives

Past Research Assistants

What are they doing now?

  • Armando Carrasco, MS

    Student Development Advisor
    Palm Beach State College
  • Mayra Bamaca Colbert, PhD

    Assistant Professor, HDFS
    Pennsylvania State University
  • Staceylee Longmore, PhD

    Associate Professor, Child Development
    Pierce Community College