Theses/Dissertations, and Unpublished Manuscripts at University

Dissertation Abstracted in DAI

Snuffleupagus, A. (2006). Coming out of my life as an invisible woolly mammoth: An autobiographical case study. Dissertation Abstracts International: Section Z. Parapsychology, 75(2), 418.


Dissertation not Abstracted in DAI


Bird, B. (2006). Towering over the world and loving it: An autobiographical case study. (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). University of Sesame Street, Burbank, CA.


Unplublished Manuscript at a University


Clouseau , J. (1963). When I drink, I see pink panthers: Autobiography of chief inspector Jacques Clouseau. Unpublished manuscript, Department of Incompetence, French Sûreté University, Bumbling, France.