Magazines, Newspapers, and Brochures

Monthly Magazine Article

Bozo, T. C., McDonald, R., & Krusty, H. S. P. Y. K. (2014, March). A well-dressed man: Fashion dos and don'ts. Magazine of Magnificent Colorful Style, 5(3), 231-242.


Magazine Article with One Author and No Volume Number

Spears, B. J. (2000, December). Loss of innocence, underwear, and hair: A first person account. Psychology Yesterday, 20-25.


Online Magazine Article with Volume and Issue but No Page Numbers

Simpson, H. (2014). One man's fight with donut addiction. Journal of Springfield Overeaters, 1(3). Retrieved from http://www.qwm.aa/cluelessmen.html


Daily Newspaper

Knowitall, I., & Allknowing, I. M. (2002, January 5). Answers to everything you ever wanted to know. Omniscient News, pp. A5.


Brochure with Two Authors and no Date

Lonely, I. M., & Needy, I. M. (n.d.). Dating guide for the busy tech professional. Silicon Valley, CA: Pathetic Geek Press.