Note: For "Location," you should always list the city and the state using the two letter postal abbreviation without periods (New York, NY) or (Washington, DC). If it is from a city outside the USA, then list the city and country (e.g., Paris, France).

Author, I. I. (Year). Title of book. City, ST: Publisher.

Book with 1 Author

Rex, T. (2013). Barney, Godzilla, and Dino: A love triangle. Tokyo, Japan: Jurassic Cretaceous.


Book with 2 Authors

Picky, I. M., & Anal, I. B. (2002). The anal-retentive professor. Prague, Czech Republic: Freud Press.


Book with 3 Authors

Griffin, P., Quagmire, G., & Swanson, J. (2014). Men doing stupid things: How clueless can they be? Quahog, RI: Family Guy Press.


Book with more than 7 Authors

Ucheat, I. C., Losepoints, U., Cry, U., Giveup, U., Kwitter, U. R., Forfeit, U., ... Lose, U. (2002). Cheating never pays: Don't be a crybaby. Nott, OK: Corrupt Press.


Book with No Author or Editor

Bozo's dictionary (007th ed.). (1946). Chicago, IL: Clown Press.


Electronic version of a print book with DOI

Bond, J. I., Bourne, J. I., & Snape, S. (2007). Love life of a spy [Adobe Digital Editions version]. doi:324665356568626

Brill, P. (2004). The winner's way [Adobe Digital Editions version]. doi:10.1036/007142363x


Electronic version of a print book without DOI

White, S. (1937). Prince Charming: Prince or player? [Kindle DX version]. Retrieved from http://www.jiltedprincesspress.aa/snow_white


Electronic Only Book

Charming, P. (1937). Snow White is as cold as ice. Retrieved from http://www.jiltedprincesspress.aa/prince_charming