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Urkel, S. Q. (1998). Fashion faux pas: Dressing for success in a sea of polyester. The Journal of Nerds and Plaid, 5(3), 122-123. doi:10.9999/s99999-999-9999-9


Journal Article with 2 Authors

Bates, N., & Crawford, C. (1960). Mother guilt and cruelty: Can you say 'mommy issues'? Psycho Journal, 1(1), 1-10. doi:12345678945457


Journal Article with 3 Authors

Lee, B., Chan, J., & Lee, J. (1970). Kicking and hitting in action movies. Journal of Tough Cool Guys, 1(3), 2-4. doi:123456hi'yah78 ouch910


Journal Article with 7 Authors

Krueger, F., Myers, M., Chucky, C. L. R., Pinhead, H., Bates, N., Torrance, J., & Voorhees, J. (2014). A guide to nighttime festivities. Slasher Journal, 6(66), 1-666. doi:123kill456789


Journal Article with more than 7 Authors

Alpha, A., Beta, B., Charlie, C., Delta, D., Echo, E., Foxtrot, F., ... Hotel, H. (2014). Speaking soldier jargon. Military Linguistics Journal, 1(3), 1-4. doi:0100,0200,0300,0400


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Banner, R. B. (1962). They call me 'the hulk', but I prefer mean green fighting machine. Journal of Toxic Side Effects, 1(3), 2-4. Retrieved from http://www.jtse.aa/hulk.html


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White, S., Cinderella, I., Beauty, S., & Rapunzel, I. (2014). Waiting on a prince or taking charge of one's life? Damsels in Distress Journal. Advance online publication. doi:123456789


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Kent, C., Wayne, B., & Parker, P. (in press). But tights keep my legs warm. Journal of Crossdressing Men. Retrieved from http://www.tightsfeelnice.aa/tights.pdf