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Contact Information

Sierra Hall 306E


Publications & Presentations

Office Hours

7:30-8 am Mon/Wed - OV 025
9:30-10:30 am Mon/Wed - SH 306e
or by arrangement

Spring 2018 Courses

PSY 460: Counseling & Interview
PSY 492: Honors Prof Develop
PSY 581: Teaching of Psy

Other Courses I Teach

PSY 692: Grad Research Methods
PSY 660: Seminar in Counseling
PSY 321/L: Research Methods & Lab
PSY 442: Comm. & Conflict Resol.
PSY 301: Psych Preprofessional
PSY 150: Intro to Psy

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PSY 581: Teaching of Psychology

This course focuses on the theories, skills, preparation and practices required for serving as an instructional aide in psychology courses.  Topics include course preparation, skills for fostering student learning, theories of assessment, effective strategies for improving student writing, using technology in the classroom, diversity sensitivity, treatment of special populations, as well as ethical and legal issues faced in the classroom.  An emphasis will be made on both traditional and recent educational research findings and their implementation for effective teaching.  Students attend scheduled seminars on course topics, and serve outside the course as a teaching aide to a professor in the Department of Psychology.