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Damian Christian                                              818.677.2769  EH2111B



Cristina Cadavid                                               818.677.2171, EH2105                           webpage



Debi Choudhary                                                818.677.7113, EH2111C


Li Gao                                                                818.677.4365, EH2108C


Nicholas Kioussis                                              818.677.7733, LO1123                           webpage
Director of the Computational Materials        

Theory Center


Say-Peng Lim                                                    818.677.5612, LO1118                           webpage
Undergraduate Advisor  & Dept. Chair          


Gang Lu                                                             818677-2021, LO1103                            webpage

Director of NSF-PREM Center                       


Director of Center of Excellence for

Materials Innovation                                                         


Miroslov Peric                                                    818.677.2944, EH2003A                        webpage
Graduate Advisor                                        


Henk Postma                                                     818.677.6152, LO1120C                         webpage


Radha Ranganathan                                          818.677.2942, EH2003C                         webpage


Deqing Ren                                                        818.677.3186, LO1124                           webpage




Yohannes Shiferaw                                           818.677.4124, LO1106                           webpage


Donna Sheng                                                     818.677.7151, LO1122                           webpage