Redwood Hall

Redwood Hall (formerly the Kinesiology Building) houses the Matador Gym (also known as the Matadome) and courts used by our Matador basketball and volleyball teams and by intramural clubs and organizations. The Abbott and Linda Brown Western Center for Adaptive Aquatic Therapy is located on the north side of Redwood Hall. The Brown Center consists of a main 60 x 24-foot heated therapy pool with two underwater treadmills; a 30 x 24-foot heated pool with a vertically adjustable floor; a 17x 10-foot spa aimed at helping those with joint and soft tissue injuries; and a 26 x 24-foot cool water pool suited to those with multiple sclerosis and similar conditions that respond better in cooler environments. The east section of the building includes the kinesiology reserach laboratories, additional playing spaces, and a glass walled dance studio. The building also houses the Department of Leisure Studies and Recreation.

Exit the building at the rear and walk northeast towards the softball, baseball, and tennis courts.