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What student services do you offer?

At Cal State Northridge, you'll always find someone willing to help. Whether you need assistance with a difficult class, want to manage your time, or need to see counselor, our services will cater to you.

The Learning Resource Center is the place to go for tutoring, supplemental instruction, test preparation and study strategies. You can also seek help for writing projects and writing-based exams. Many individual departments, such as math, chemistry and business, offer their own tutoring and supplemental courses.

Disability Resources and Educational Services serves students who have a wide range of visible and hidden disabilities. Services and accommodations include alternative testing, note taking, Braille or other alternate media, American Sign Language interpreters, ergonomic chairs and tables for the classroom, and assistive computer technology.

CSUN offers many services for its large population of deaf and hard of hearing students. We offer academic advisement, interpretation, career counseling, and tutoring by subject-field experts, all in American Sign Language. Interpretation in American Sign Language is available for classes and on-campus events. Many of these services are offered through our National Center on Deafness.

At the Klotz Student Health Center, you can obtain free and low-cost care for routine or urgent medical matters. The Student Health Center also has dental and optometry clinics, and offers integrative therapies such as acupuncture, massage and chiropractic.

If you are feeling stressed or struggling with an emotional problem, licensed professionals at University Counseling Services can help. Services are free and confidential.

Cal State Northridge has wonderful programs to help undergraduates who are new to campus. You'll attend New Student Orientation the summer before your first semester at Cal State Northridge. At this full-day event, you'll learn about registering for classes and obtaining a student ID. You'll also learn about the academic, social, and cultural climate at CSUN.

Those coming directly from high school will want to check out the Freshman Connection learning communities. A learning community is a close-knit group of students who forge personal bonds and work toward academic success under the guidance of caring faculty members.

The Freshman Connection groups students together to fulfill their general education requirements for one semester. This includes University 100: The Freshman Seminar, where you'll learn how to study effectively, manage your time, set goals, think critically, and express yourself orally and in writing.

Freshmen who plan on taking developmental math or reading can take University 100 as part of a six-week summer program called Early Start. Participants in this program tend to do better academically than their peers because they get a jump start on the fall semester. Even if you're not part of Early Start or the Freshman Connection, you can still take University 100.

If you are a first-time freshman entering through the Educational Opportunity Program, Cal State Northridge offers transitional programs to help you adjust to university life. One such program is an intense, six-week summer experience that prepares you for the demands of college life.

We also have support services and programs for those entering as transfer students. Our academic advisors help select programs of study and are especially knowledgeable about Cal State Northridge's selection of upper-division general education courses exclusively for transfer students.

Whether you're looking for a part-time job on campus or planning your professional life after college, the Career Center can help. This is your one-stop shop for everything related to internships, jobs and careers. Trained professionals will help you find a job or internship, create a winning resume, and impress prospective employers during interviews.

Safety is a top priority at Cal State Northridge. Our Department of Police Services is an accredited law enforcement agency staffed with sworn peace officers who patrol our campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Department of Police Services offers many crime prevention and personal safety programs. The department also offers free vehicle battery jumps and assistance with key lockouts.

On our campus, you're never far from a blue-light emergency phone or yellow TTY call box for the deaf and hard of hearing. Both connect directly to university police dispatchers. If you're walking on campus at night, our student-operated Matador Patrol offers personal security escorts.

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