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What kind of clubs can I join?

You'll get a lot more out of your college experience if you get involved in something outside of class. At CSUN, we have more than 300 clubs and organizations. Whether you're into salsa dancing or sailing, Buddhism or business law, chess or Chicano culture, you'll find a club or organization that suits your interests.

Some clubs and organizations are primarily for social purposes. Others bring together fans of various sports. And still others revolve around academic interests, cultures, community service, or religion and spirituality. If you want to get plugged in to the university scene, consider joining University Ambassadors. This lively group of spirited students leads campus tours and represents Cal State Northridge in the community.

You might want to find out if your college and department offers clubs for students with your academic interests. Can't find the club or organization you're looking for? Start your own. Find out how at the Matador Involvement Center.

With more than 45 fraternities and sororities, Cal State Northridge is home to a vibrant Greek scene. By pledging a fraternity or sorority, you'll enjoy the support of Greek brothers and sisters who are going through similar experiences, and make useful connections as you embark on your professional life.

Some fraternities and sororities are primarily social while others focus on community service, leadership skills or sports. There are also fraternities and sororities that are traditionally African American, Armenian, and Latino/a.

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