International Students

What if my English isn't very strong?

We have an Intensive English Program to help you get up to speed. This full-time, one semester program is offered by the Tseng College at Cal State Northridge and is designed especially for international students who want to pursue a college education in an English-speaking country but lack the language skills to pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or another proficiency exam.

Students who enroll in this program are eligible for conditional admission to Cal State Northridge and six other Southern California colleges and universities: California Lutheran University, Woodbury University, Glendale Community College, Los Angeles Pierce College, Orange Coast College and Oxnard College.

If you enroll in the Intensive English Program and reach an advanced level of proficiency, you may receive a waiver for the Test of English as a Foreign Language or another English proficiency exam.

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