Do you offer intramural sports?

The Intramural Sports Program operated by the Associated Students is enormously popular at Cal State Northridge.

The program has four leagues. The club league is for members from established campus clubs. It offers co-ed softball, soccer and volleyball.

The independent league accepts all players. Co-ed sports include basketball, soccer and volleyball. Basketball and volleyball are offered for women, while men can participate in flag football, soccer, basketball and soccer.

The sorority league offers volleyball, water polo, basketball, soccer, flag football, Ultimate Frisbee and softball. The fraternity league offers volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, basketball, flag football, water polo, softball and soccer.

The Associated Students also runs the Sport Club Program. Sport clubs provide structured competition with other universities and amateur groups. The range of offerings is broad: students may choose among black reign dancing, hockey, soccer, archery, salsa libre, longboarding and many more.

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