What kind of services do you offer?

University life will probably be a lot different from anything you've experienced in the past. You'll be expected to think and act independently, but that doesn't mean you'll be in it all alone. CSUN will connect you to the resources, people and skills needed for success on and off campus.

Before your first semester, you'll attend New Student Orientation. At this all-day event, you'll learn the nitty-gritty details about student life, such as registering for classes and obtaining a student ID. You'll also learn about the academic, social and cultural climate at Cal State Northridge.

Those coming directly from high school will want to check out the Freshman Connection learning communities. A learning community is a close-knit group of students who forge personal bonds and work toward academic success under the guidance of caring faculty members. The Freshman Connection groups students together to fulfill their general education requirements for one semester. This includes University 100: The Freshman Seminar, where you'll learn how to study effectively, manage your time, set goals, think critically, and express yourself orally and in writing.

Freshmen who plan on taking developmental math or reading can take University 100 as part of a six-week summer program called Early Start. Participants in this program tend to do better academically than their peers because they get a jump start on the fall semester.

If you are a first-time freshman entering through the Educational Opportunity Program, CSUN offers transitional programs to help you adjust to university life. One such program is an intense, six-week summer experience that prepares you for the demands of college life.

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