How do I pick a major?

Cal State Northridge offers 69 undergraduate programs, so CSUN likely has the major for you. But what if you don't know what to major in? Don't worry too much — you may remain undeclared until you earn 60 units and reach junior status. Until then, we have plenty of resources to guide you toward the appropriate major.

If you're a first-time freshman, a one-on-one academic advisement session is mandatory. You can discuss how to select a major, what classes to take and how to stay on track toward graduation. The sooner you meet with an advisor, the better. You may do so as early as the spring prior to your fall enrollment but definitely no later than the start of the fall semester in August. Undecided students see advisors in the Advising Resource Center/Educational Opportunity Program; those with declared majors see advisors in their college or department.

You can also research majors on your own. The University Catalog has information about each major, including prerequisites, requirements and career options. You may want to talk to advisors in the department you're interested in, or visit the Career Center.

Even though you don't have to declare a major until you reach 60 units, delaying the decision too long can have negative consequences. With some majors, you need to begin as early as possible in order to graduate on time. Regardless of your decision, keep in mind that advisement is an ongoing process. See your advisor early and often!

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