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iMovie Instructions


1. Import

Hook up the DV camera to a MacIntosh computer through a firewire connection. Open iMovie. If there is a problem with the connection, check the camera settings and make sure that it is on and set to Play or Export rather than being in the shooting mode. Slide the blue button on the Montor to the left next to the camera icon and click Import.

 As the video imports from the camera, you can click on the Import button again to get a break between scenes, separating one clip from another.

 Slide the blue button to the right.


2. Setting up Clips

Click on the eye on the tab, at the bottom left hand corner of the screen, of the Clip Viewer. Click on one of the film clips and drag it down to the Clip Monitor.


 3. Playing Clips

Choose the clip and click on the Play button 4


4. Cropping

Click under the blue Scrubber bar under the Monitor. Two crop markers should appear. Drag one a short ways to the right.


(To view these terms, click on Help in the upper Menu and drag down to Show Balloons. Anywhere you click on the screen will now be defined.)


Drag the Playhead (the triangle at the top of the blue bar) and click on the Play button 4


Watch for the point between what you want to save and what you want to discard and move a crop mark there. Repeat with the second crop mark. The blue color will be discarded and the yellow kept.


Click on Edit on the upper Menu and drag down to Crop.


Move the other clips onto the Clip Viewer and repeat the cropping for each.


5. Previewing

Click on Edit in the upper Menu and then Select All. Move the Playhead to the left and click on the Play button 4


6. Titles

Click on the Titles button and clock on a style name. Your film will appear with a style type in the upper right hand box.


Choose speed, color, whether it will go over a black screen or not, font, and the text. Click Preview to see it in the Monitor.


Drag the small upper right hand title box  to the front of the film clips in the Clip Viewer. The title will need some time to render--watch the red bar in it's clip.


7. Transitions and Effects

Click on the Transitions or Effects button.


Click on a style. Drag the small upper right hand title box  to where it should go in the Clip Viewer. Wait for it to finish rendering.


8. Audio

Click on the clock on the tab of the Timeline Viewer Tab at the lower left hand of the screen . Click on the Audio button.


Choose an effect or record a new one. Drag it down to the audio track under the film clips on the Timeline Viewer.


9. Save

a. Save for a MacIntosh computer for viewing or editing.

Click on Save Project.


b. Save for a CD Rom, email, or the Web (either streaming or downloadable).

Click on Export Movie

Export to: Choose QuickTime

Choose the Format you want. Or choose Expert if you want more control.