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CSUN Web Server Password Protector

Use this web page to protect your CSUN web server pages (and the copyrights of material they contain) with an LDAP-based password so that only CSUN students/staff/faculty can access them. At present, password protection can be set either to all of CSUN or to a list of specific individuals. Later it will be possible to restrict by class rosters and other groupings.

Only specific folders on your web site can be protected through this page's forms. There is no option to protect your entire web site.

The following folders are on your CSUN web site (red labels show those with password protection of some sort, either direct or indirect because folders above are protected). The "create new folder" links exist to facilitate building your web folder system here, where you can set password protections for the folders as you go.

                public_html: not protected (create new folder)

Note that all folder settings apply to the folders that contain them, so if folder A contains folder B and folder A is protected, then folder B is also protected by its parent folder, even if it's individually unprotected.

After changing protections be sure to test your web site. Close your web browser, then try accessing the folder or web pages within it to determine whether the protection is working as you expect. If protection is enabled and working, you will see a box pop up when you try to access restricted material. The box asks people to enter their CSUN e-mail address and password in order to continue. A valid CSUN e-mail address and password must be input at this point. Students, faculty, or staff without a CSUN account may obtain an account from the HelpDesk.