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Software Tools and Guides

Integrated courseware with a complete set of twenty tools for online teaching.
Meet your class online in real time with clear voice-over IP, talking head, application sharing, PowerPoint, video, web tours, closed captioning, and more!
Flashlight Instructions*
An online assessment program, which creates and tabulates surveys.
Turn It In*
An online plagiarism prevention program, which compares student work to a digital database.
Lecshare is a tool for converting Powerpoint files into accessible HTML format.
Softchalk Lesson Builder*
Softchalk Lessonbuilder allows you to easily create engaging, interactive web lessons.
Online multiple choice, true and false, short answer and essay quizzes, surveys and questionnaires.
Dreamweaver Instructions*
The industry standard for creating webpages in an html browser. It also has a javascript component and integrates with Fireworks and Flash (which are also in the Faculty Lab).
iMovie Instructions
A Macintosh only software for editing digital video.
PhotoShop Instructions
The standard software for editing photos, whether for print or the web.
A Geographic Information System (GIS) for mapping survey information.
Netscape Composer
The simplest webpage html editor, which is part of the Netscape Navigator package.
 HTML--HyperText Mark-up Language - 508 Compliance
The language needed to create webpages and links. Microsoft Word can save files to html or a webpage, although not always satisfactorily.
Password Protection: Simple (access limited to CSUN email addresses); Advanced (access can be granted to off-campus visitors)
Set password protection for your web pages. Useful for restricting access to copyrighted material.
PowerPoint Instructions: Beginning; Advanced
Part of the Microsoft Office package and a standard for digital presentation of text and charts.
IRC--Internet Relay Chat
A synchronous chat room easily adapted for discussion groups and office hours. No account necessary. Download mIRC (PC) or Ircle (Mac).
Instructional Shareware - free or low-cost for downloading
HotPotatos can create crossword puzzles for online use. ZipIt (Mac) and Winzip (PC) are needed to combine files to upload quickly on WebCT so you don't have to do them one by one. Arachnophilia is an HTML editor for PCs only. Fetch (Mac) and WS FTP (PC) are ftp programs, needed to upload webpage files to your csun.edu account. Visit Other Online Instruction Tools.

* Owned or licensed by CSUN, free accounts offered to all faculty.

$ Must be purchased, but available to all faculty in the Faculty Lab.