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Online Instruction >> Software >> LECSHARE

Lecshare is a tool for converting Powerpoint files into accessible HTML format. You can also convert Powerpoint files to Microsoft Word Documents.

The campus has a site license for Lecshare, if you want to upgrade from Lecshare to Lecshare Pro, the cost is $20. The Pro version allows you to convert Powerpoint to Quicktime movies and Video Podcasts. To get the Lecshare software, use the "Accounts" link on the the left sidebar.

Use to following links to check out Lecshare samples:
Accessible HTML
Microsoft Word Handouts
Quicktime Movies (Lecshare Pro Only)
Video Podcasts (Lecshare Pro Only)

If you have questions concerning Lecshare, please contact the Office of Online Instruction: webteach@csun.edu