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HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and is the code that all computers use to read files over the internet. Webpages (.html files) are formatted with this simple code, so if you want to center a word or change it's size, html tags must enclose it.

For example, if I wanted to center the phrase Chapter One, I would need to put centering tags around it so it would look like this: <CENTER>Chapter One </CENTER>

The first tag tells computers to start centering the following text and the second tag, always recognizable by the addition of a /, tells it to stop centering that same text.

Compose an HTML file in a simple word-processor, like Notepad or SimpleText. If you have Word, disable the curley quotes which won't translate properly over the internet. Save the file as "filename.html". Don't include any spaces in the filename and make sure that it ends in .html.

Here is a simple sample script that you can cut and paste into Notepad. Put your information in the text areas that are red. If you want the link to work properly and go to one of your HyperNews forums or one of your other webpages, you will have to copy its URL address in the Location or Address box of your browser and then paste it into the URL below that begins with http://

<H1><CENTER>Class XXX by Professor XXXX</CENTER></H1>
<H3><CENTER>HyperNews Forums</CENTER></H3>
<p><CENTER><A HREF="http://hyper.vcsun.org/HyperNews/ccheal/get/studentworkshop.html">1. First Forum--due Apr. 11</A></CENTER></p>

The HTML tag tell the computer to start reading the HTML language. The heading tag, <HEAD>...</HEAD>, is information that is not shown on the screen. The title tag information shows up in the bookmark for the page and in the title bar of the browser. The body tag encloses everything on the webpage you can see. Heading tags, <H1>...</H1> enlarge the text and center tags center the text. The paragraph tag is <p>...</p>. The link tag,<A HREF="...">...</A> will take you to another page.

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