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Online Instruction >> Software >> ELLUMINATE

Elluminate is a live online meeting application. It is recommended that you have a headset with earphones and microphone. The headset should be connected to your computer and working before you start up Elluminate (sometimes you may have to reboot your computer to get the headset to work). Elluminate also has the capability of transmitting video via webcam--you might ask your instructor if this is necessary.

To request an Elluminate account, use the Elluminate Request Form. To begin using Elluminate first go to Elluminate Support site to determine that you have needed Java software installed: http://www.elluminate.com/support

Then check out training materials and go through the Participant Orientation: http://www.elluminate.com/support/docs/7.0/learn_about_elluminate.jsp

If you have questions concerning Elluminate, please contact the Office of Online Instruction: webteach@csun.edu

More information to come....