Parent Day

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(Saludos, padres y Guardianes - haga clic aquí para el sitio web del Día de padres en español)

We understand that your student's first year comes with plenty of questions. Our office provides Parent Day to support your family during this transition. Click on the options below to learn more about this FREE annual event.

When is Parent Day?

Save the Date: Saturday, October 14, 2017

Parent Day Goals

Parent Day is designed to:

  • To assist you in becoming a partner in your student’s success by learning key information about the academic opportunities, support services, and out-of-class experiences available to CSUN Students.
  • To offer an opportunity to ask questions based on real experiences your students are already having, including the many transitional issues that challenge both students and families.
  • To provide you with the opportunity to meet university administrators, faculty, staff and student orientation leaders who support and mentor new students as they begin their CSUN Journey towards graduation.
  • To learn about campus resources and services available to students.

Parent Day Schedule




Check-In & Campus Tours

Campus tours will start every 25 minutes. The last tour will begin at 8:30 am



University Welcome

Dr. Shelley Ruelas-Bischoff, Associate Vice President for Student Life



Partnering with the University:

Academic Success

Elizabeth Riegos-Olmos, Director - Student Service Center/EOP (CSM)

This presentation will inform parents of academic information that is central to a freshman's success. Parents will be introduced to the role they can play in supporting and reinforcing student academic success. The discussion should include what their student was told about graduating on time, units required, declaring a major, important dates to remember (midterms, finals), advisement and registration, and other University Policies such as executive order 665 and repeating courses.  There will be an opportunity for questions following this section.

Student Life 

Dr. William Watkins, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

This presentation will focus on the importance of engagement in co-curricular activities as means to promote student success and will discuss how parents can support student involvement. Parents will be introduced to the Student Conduct Code, student records access policies, and University practices and resources that combine to promote a secure campus environment. There will be an opportunity for questions following this section.




The First Year Transition to College

 English: Dr. Anne Eipe, Clinical Coordinator - University Counseling Services

 Spanish:  Dr. Jose Montez, Staff Psychologist - University Counseling Services

Meeting  the Costs of College

English: Lili Vidal, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Spanish: Beatriz Mendoza, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships





The First Year Transition to College

 English:  Dr. Anne Eipe, University Counseling Services

 Spanish:  Dr. Jose Montez, University Counseling Services

*Police Services & Campus Safety/Emergency Preparedness

Chief Anne Glavin, Department of Police Services

*Spanish translation devices are available




Meeting the Costs of College

 English:  Lili Vidal, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

 Spanish:  Beatriz Mendoza, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

*Police Services & Campus Safety/Emergency Preparedness

Chief Anne Glavin, Department of Police Services

*Spanish translation devices are available



Lunch & Tradition of the Rose





Location, Parking, & Items to Bring

This event is free of charge

USU Map Image


Parent Day will be primarily located at the University Student Union (USU).

Please join us for light refreshments (Coffee, Juice, & Fresh Pastries) at our Check-In at 8am at the USU's Plaza Del Sol.  The Program will officially start at 9am in the USU's Northridge Center, which is adjacent to the check-in location.

General Campus Tours will be 25 minutes long and begin at 8am, led by our New Student Orientation Leaders.  


CSUN Map Image (Small)


We have made arrangements for you to park in the G3 parking structure  located off Zelzah Ave. & Prairie St.

Parking permits will be distributed at the Parking Information Booth once you turn onto campus from the Prairie St. entrance. Please tell the parking booth attendant that you are here for Parent Day, and you will be provided a permit free of charge

There will be New Student Orientation Leaders at the parking lot, assisting parents to navigate to the appropriate locations.



Most materials will be provided for you, including informational handouts, notepads, pens and a parent edition of the New Student Orientation handbook. There will be several touring options for you to consider when the workshop portions of the program conclude.  The university tour will be completely ADA accessible.

Handbooks & Presentations

All new students who attend orientation are provided a New Student Handbook. The most updated version of the New Student Handbook can be viewed by clicking the New Student Handbook icon on the left below.

All parents and guardians who attend Parent Day will receive a copy of the New Student Handbook with supplemental information for Parents. For now, you can download last year’s handbook, which contains similar information but be sure to check back with us for the most updated version a few weeks after this year's program has taken place.

2016-2017 Handbook

Past Presentations

Download the most recent Parent Day workshops:

University Welcome and Partnering with The University (Dr. Shelly RuelasBischoff - Associate VP for Student Life & Elizabeth Riegos-Olmos, Director - Student Services Center/EOP) 

Student Life (Dr. William Watkins, VP Student Affairs& Dean of Students)

Meeting the Costs of College (Ms. Lili Vidal, Director – Department of Financial Aid & Scholarships)

Campus Safety (Ms. Anne Glavin, Chief – Department of Police Services)

Campus Resources

We have compiled multiple links below for you to gain further knowledge of the resources CSUN has for you and your student. Please feel free to contact any departments you may find on your search as well as the Office of Student Involvement and Development with any question, concerns or comments you may have.

Academic Advisement

Campus Employment

Campus Involvement

Counseling Services

Degree Planning Guides

Department of Police Services

General Education Honors Program

Parents Supporting Academics and Personal Development

Student Health

Student Services and Classes

Student Service Centers and Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP) Advisement

University Catalog

Parent & Family Guest Guide (Hotels, Activities, and Eateries for Parents and Families)



Make sure to ask about the CSUN discount



Jazz “A” Band with Jazz Lincoln Center Orchestra
Saturday, October 8, 2016 - 7:30pm
The CSUN Jazz "A" Band is recognized as one of the finest college jazz bands in the nation. The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, led by Wynton Marsalis, is made up of 15 of the finest soloists, ensemble players, and arrangers in jazz music today. Read more

ART EXHIBIT: Karla Klarin: Subdividing the Landscape
August 29 – October 8, 2016


Información en Español


Should you have any further questions or concerns feel free to contact the Office of Student Involvement and Development at (818) 677-4100.

Disclaimer: The New Student Orientation website contains information authorized and available at the time of publication. Its content, including dates and fee amounts, is subject to change without prior notice or obligation.