Research Summaries

This PREM strives to solve fundamental problems in emergent materials that have vital scientific and technological importance as well as economical and societal impacts. A multidisciplinary team with coordinated and complementary skills in theory, computation and experiment is assembled into three interdisciplinary groups (IRGs):

IRG1: Interfacial Charge Transfer and Separation in Excitonic Photovoltaics

We will tackle a grand challenge in solar energy conversion – charge transfer and separation at donor/acceptor interfaces, which is the bottleneck for excitonic solar cells. A firstprinciples based theoretical framework will be developed to address fundamental problems at the organic/organic and organic/inorganic interfaces.

IRG2: Quantum Phenomena in Topological Materials

We will explore intriguing competitions among electron interaction, nontrivial band structure and random disorder in topological materials. We will investigate fundamental problems associated with correlated electron systems and elucidate novel physical phenomena emerging in these complex materials, which are crucial for technological advances in magneto-electronics, spintronic devices as well as topological quantum computing.

IRG 3: Spintronics in Multifunctional Devices

We will study electronic structure and spin transport of multifunctional nano-systems consisting of ferromagnetic and ferroelectric tunnel junctions based on multiferroics and topological insulator based materials. The coupling between different degrees of freedom and its sensitivity to interfacial structure will give rise to a wealth of exciting phenomena, providing unprecedented access to emerging multi-functionalities of future spintronic devices.