The news and photos from events, workshops and research.

NanoTech WorkShop

On April 10th and 11th a Nanotechnology workshop was held at CSUN. Below are some photos from the student presentations and workshops.

Jacob Gayles

Undergraduate student Jacob Gayles explaining in the nanoscale, the size of a particle can affect important properties of the material such as color, strength, conductivity, etc.

Jacob Gayles

Karen Laramay (left) and Nadi Wissa(right) add an electrolyte solution (NaCl) to a colloid of gold nano-particles, red liquid, to see if it Changes colors. The colloid does change color which explains the gold nano-particles aggregate.

Jacob Gayles

Graduate student Hiral Patel explains how viewing materials on a the nanoscale can be affected by sound form the street level, so it is better to have an expensive microscope atomic force microscope in a basement lab. Hiral explained there are other techniques that reduce other types of vibrations.

Nick Kioussis, George Lyle

Prof. Nick Kioussis hands George Lyle a certificate of completion and the end of the nanotechnology workshop.

Sergio Orozco

Undergraduate Sergio Orozco helping high school student Brian Huynh with physics problems. Two students were invited to do and internship at the W.M. Keck computational January 31, 2014d essential concepts in physics and program.

Dr. Donna Sheng

Dr. Donna Sheng speaking about the Monty Hall problem to illustrate ways to challenge students in physics.

Dr. Jussi Eloranta

Dr. Jussi Eloranta explaining his research in EPR to high school teachers at the Nanotechnology workshop 2010.

Ryan Yaney and Nadi Wssia

High School Teachers Ryan Yaney and Nadi Wssia working on nanosphere lithography model. Teachers were asked to perform experiments that can be taken back to the students.

David Schelak

David Schelak receiving his certificate of completion from Dr. Nicholas Kioussis.