Review the 4- and 5-year Degree Completion Program Suggested concentrations

Graduation Evaluations are now done by a separate office, and there are no formal advisement hours this semester. However, the Sociology Department is committed to providing advising services to its majors, minors, master's students, and potential enrollees, through these venues:

[1] Advisement by the the Student Services Center/EOP (SSC/EOP) for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

[2] A faculty coordinator has helped develop 4- and 5-year Degree Completion Programs for each option, as follows:

  • Option I: Coordinating Advisor (General Sociology) Ana Prata
  • Option II: Coordinating Advisor (Criminology & Criminal Justice) Vickie Jensen
  • Option IV: Coordinating Advisor (Work and Society) Amy Denissen