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Try Registration Planner!

October 12, 2016

With Registration Planner, you can easily create a preferred class schedule each semester. Just select your courses and break times, and generate all possible, conflict-free schedule combinations in seconds. Then send your favorite schedule directly to your enrollment shopping cart.

Use Registration Planner:

  • In conjunction with the Degree Road Map for your major
  • To prepare for your advising appointment
  • To compare up to 4 schedules side by side
  • To find a last-minute class that fits into your schedule


  1. Registration Planner does not check course requisites, so review the included course descriptions.
  2. If you send a favorite schedule to your cart early, some classes may be closed when it's time to register. But Registration Planner will remember your choices, so you can regenerate schedules for open classes only and/or check the "Wait list if class is full" box when you transfer the classes to your cart.

Learn more: Registration Planner Guide. Registration Planner also looks and works great in the CSUN Mobile App