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Service providers are a vital part of the National Center on Deafness community, playing a large role in helping deaf and hard-of-hearing students achieve their educational objectives.



Information and Forms for Service Providers

FAQ for Service Providers

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University Travel 

Student Academic Calendar

2016-2017 Payroll Calendar

Fiscal year 2016-2017 online self-reporting due dates

Online self-reporting is due via SOLAR online on the following dates by 10 a.m. If you did not work or take leave time, please remember to report No Leave Taken in Absence Management module.

  • August 1 (July Pay Period: July 1-August 1)
  • September 1 (August Pay Period: August 2-31)
  • October 1 (September Pay Period: September 1-30)
  • November 1 (October Pay Period: October 1-31)
  • December 1 (November Pay Period: November 1-30)
  • December 22 (December Pay Period: December 1-31)
  • February 1 (January Pay Period: January 1-31)
  • March 2 (February Pay Period: February 1-March 1)
  • April 1 (March Pay Period: March 2-31)
  • May 2 (April Pay Period: April 1-May 1)
  • June 1 (May Pay Period: May 2-31)
  • July 1 (June Pay Period: June 1-30)

Holiday pay should not be recorded until the end of the month.  Please refer to the Time and Labor Timesheet/Fact Sheet for Non-Student Employees.

Pepnet 2

Postsecondary Education Programs Network (pepnet 2) training and outreach program

The Postsecondary Education Programs Network (pepnet 2) provides training and technical assistance to universities to increase the educational, career and lifetime choices available to deaf and hard-of-hearing students across the nation.

CSUN was one of four colleges to initiate the program in the 1960’s and now serves as the lead institution for pepnet 2. Pepnet 2 works not only to educate postsecondary institutions on how to accommodate deaf and hard-of-hearing students but also for expanding accessibility at a wide range of campus activities.

For more information about pepnet 2, please visit