Communication Access Services

NCOD Online Request Form Instructions

To request an interpreter or transcriber, fill out the online Service Request Form, following the instructions below. If unable to access the system, you may email or call (818) 677-2054.

Requests should be made 72-hours in advance.

Request Communication Access Services

When you Login with your CSUN email and password, you’ll have access to the following sidebar options:

  • Instructions –  Revisit home page instructions for requesting services.
  • Request Manager – View a listing of all requests you've submitted (status and updates).
  • Request Communication Access – Submit a new request for communication access services, i.e., an interpreter or transcriber.
  • Request a Sub - Used by Service Providers to sub out any of their permanently scheduled classes one time.
  • Request Media Captioning – Submit a new request for media captioning (See instructions below).
  • Logout – Exit the online request application and return to Communication Access Services page.

Request Media Captioning

Review the following steps to Request Media Captioning:


1. Review Media

  • If copyright protected, contact Oviatt Library for consultation
  • If not copyrighted, i.e., self-made, then move to Step 2.

2. Determine Type of Service Needed

  • Closed Captioning: Includes transcription of audio and time codes for when captions should display in the media file.
  • Transcript only: Contains audio transcription only; no captioning or time codes.
  • Closed Captioning & Encoding: Embeds closed captioning with time codes into the media file.

3. Seek Funding Approval

  • Funding needed for media captioning requests. Obtain chartfields from College or Department financial authorizer.


  1. myCSUNbox Account
    • Download myCSUNbox guide or visit CSUN IT Box Information
    • Create a folder named "NCOD Media Captioning"
    • Set "NCOD Media Captioning" folder permission to "PUBLIC"
    • Upload files (video, transcript if you have one) to the "NCOD Media Captioning" folder
                                                          Box Diagram


  1. Fill out Request Media Captioning Form Online
    • Login to submit a request for Media Captioning


6. When your request is completed by NCOD

  • NCOD will upload file(s) to your "NCOD Media Captioning" folder

7. Faculty receives completion notification