Communication Access Services

To request an interpreter or captionist, you can fill out a Service Request Form at the National Center on Deafness (NCOD), email us at or call us at (818) 677-2054. Be sure to provide all the information so that the interpreter shows up at the requested location on the correct day and time. Requests should be made 72 hours in advance.

If you are requesting services by email, provide the following:

  • Your name
  • Date of the assignment
  • Time, from start to end of the assignment
  • Location
  • Name of person you are meeting
  • Assignment details, especially if it is class-related


Utilizing both Realtime and Typewell computer transcription services for our deaf and hard-of-hearing students, NCOD has some of the most cutting-edge technology available.

For more information on captioning services, please contact Scott Selna, speech-to-text coordinator, at or (818) 671-4783.


For more information on interpreting services, please contact Shawn Clark, interpreting coordinator, at or (818) 677-2525.

Volunteer Notetaking Program (VNP)

Taking notes in the classroom can be a challenge for those who rely primarily on sight for communication. The National Center on Deafness provides an opportunity for students in the classroom to be volunteer note takers for their deaf and hard-of-hearing classmates.

For compensation, a volunteer notetaker receives:

  • Priority registration for the following semester (only applicable to fall/spring semesters)

Volunteers are required to take a one-time, online training with pepnet 2.  To learn more about requirements and procedures relating to the Volunteer Notetaking Program, read the volunteer application letter.  If you are a deaf or hard-of-hearing student who would like to request a volunteer notetaker in your class, refer to the student letter for instructions.

For more information on volunteer notetaking services, please contact Scott Selna, speech-to-text coordinator, at or (818) 671-4783.