Enhanced Navigation

Find it faster

A more visually striking navigation bar helps you pinpoint which of the six tabs you want. And a distinctive button guides your eye to where to log out.

Rollover Instructions

Step-by-step customization

Adding or deleting content to your page takes seconds. This brief set of instructions shows you how. When you're finished reading, select the "Dismiss" button and you'll never see this rollover again.

More Icons

More of what you love

These shortcuts were picked by your fellow students. They take you straight to services you need in an instant — the Klotz Student Health Center, parking services, open classes and more.

Bright Red Hyperlinks

Easier to see

Our team broke up the chunks of information and colored the hyperlinks bright red so they're easier to identify. For the links that need further explanation, such as the office of Equity and Diversity, there's a quick one- or two-sentence description.

The following portal enhancements are already in place:

Upcoming enhancements