• Scene from GREAT EXPECTATIONS. Photo Credit: Kenji Kang
  • Scene from EL NOGALAR. Photo Credit: Kenji Kang
  • Scene from WTF
  • Scene from AS YOU LIKE IT. Photo Credit: Kenji Kang
  • Scene from ANGELS IN AMERICA
  • Scene from FABULATION OR,THE RE-EDUCATION OF UNDINE. Photo Credit: Kenji Kang
  • Scene from IN THE HEIGHTS. Photo credit: Anneka Bunnag


Undergraduate Programs Offered:

  • B.A. Theatre
  • English/Theatre Subject Matter Advising for the English Single Subject Credential Minor in Theatre

Minor Programs Offered:

  • Theatre Acting/Directing
  • Theatre Design/Technology
  • Theatre History/Literature
  • Musical Theatre

Graduate Degree Offered:


  • We will decommission CSUMentor on May 31 at 11:59 pm and redirect all traffic to Cal State Apply after June 1.  Since the campus application will be closed after May 31st till August 1st when Cal State Apply reopens, MA applications should be submitted directly to the Department starting on June 1st until August 1st. 


The B.A. and the M.A. degree programs are designed to enrich the student’s aesthetic and intellectual needs in the areas of theatrical production, theatre history, literature, and criticism, and to provide pre-professional training.

As a lab for their formal training in the classroom, undergraduate students are required to participate in department sponsored production activities each semester. TheatreCSUN functions as the department’s formal producing organization. Eight or more full-length productions of dramas, musicals, and operas are cast, rehearsed and mounted annually by faculty, staff, students and guest artists. These productions are available for student participants on an audition or volunteer basis. All aspects of the program are carefully coordinated with the theatre curriculum. Four minor options in theatre are designed to provide an organized program in theatre arts for students who wish to augment a major in another field.


The B.A. degree in Theatre prepares a student for advanced study in a pre-professional (M.F.A.) or academic (M.A.) program. It also serves as preliminary study for a performance and/or production career in live theatre as well as the allied industries of television and cinema. The interpersonal and collaborative skills learned in the program will serve the graduate well in a variety of related disciplines including the fields of education (both as teacher and administrator), psychology, law and a variety of private and governmental positions where a well-rounded liberal arts education will provide the flexibility and broad base of knowledge likely to be required in future careers.

Our Graduate program in Theatre is headed by Dr. Ah-Jeong Kim ( ) .

Required for Admission to Classified Graduate Status in the Program:

  1. Baccalaureate Degree and a minimum of 24 units of Upper Division Theatre courses, normally distributed as follows:
    1. Acting (3 units);
    2. Directing (3 units);
    3. Theatre Design/Technology (6 units); and
    4. Theatre History/Literature/Criticism (12 units).
  2. University requirements for Classified Graduate Status.
  3. Successful completion of Departmental qualifying procedures.

Note: Students should consult with the Department concerning GRE requirement. (

Requirements for the M.A. Degree

Minimum of 30 units of approved courses, distributed as follows:

1. TH 600 Seminar in Research Methods and Bibliography in Theatre (3)

2. Choose 2 courses from the following (6 units):

TH 620 Seminar in Theatre History (3) TH 621 Seminar in Theatrical Literature (3) TH 625 Seminar in Popular Theatre and Entertainment (3)

3. Choose 2 courses from the following (6 units):

TH 630 Seminar in Theatre Aesthetics (3) TH 640 Seminar in Acting and Directing (3) TH 670 Seminar in Child Drama (3)

4. Choose 12 units from the following:

TH 695A-Z Theories in Drama and Theatre (3-3-3) TH 699 Independent Study (1-3, 1-3)

600-level courses not selected for credit under sections 2 and 3 above (3, 3).

Approved 400- and 500-level courses not taken for undergraduate credit or for admission to Classified Graduate status (3, 3, 3, 3).

With the prior written approval of the student’s permanent graduate advisor, up to 6 units of courses in section 4 may be taken in related fields.

5. TH 698 Thesis or Graduate Project (3)

**Students planning to continue Graduate Study in Theatre in a Doctoral Program are advised to also attain proficiency in a foreign language or competency in statistics.


Dr Kim shares this current news:

 I thought I should share a good news that Neda Armstrong, one of the MA candidates in Theatre has just been accepted at the Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities. She wrote her paper on the Greek concepts of "moira" (fate) and "dike" (justice) in TH 422: Theatre and Drama of Greece and Rome last semester.

One of the Ph.D program-bound students, Neda builds upon the achievements of other MA candidates before her. The list of CSUN MA students moving onto Ph.D programs includes Katie Brost, who won the CSU State-wide Research Competition a few years ago, now at UC Irvine-San Diego's joint Doctoral program, Paul Backer, Professor at USC, Erica Stevens Abbitt, another graduate of CSUN MA program, recently tenured at the U of Windsor.