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Staff / Location


Director –– Maria Valiton
Assistant Director –– Sevetlana Pirjan
EOP Services Senior Adviser –– Ernesto Cruz
EOP Services Adviser –– Jason Blanca Samano
Administrative Support –– Lidia Clara Monge

Paraprofessional Staff –– Peer Mentors

The Student Resource Center / EOP is staffed by a talented and dedicated group of peer mentors trained to assist students in a variety of the services our office provides. In many ways, the SRC/EOP could not exist without the exceptional student-to-student support our peer mentors bring to students in our college.


The Student Resource Center / EOP is located in Nordhoff Hall –– Room 135.

Phone Number
(818) 677-2024

Office Hours
MRF from 8 AM - 5 PM
TW from 8 AM - 7 PM
(Fall and Spring only)