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Ravi K. Sawhney

Ravi K. SawhneyRavi K. Sawhney (CSUN Art ’79) has spent more than thirty years at the forefront of product and technology innovation, and is also an author, lecturer, and thought leader on design and innovation. As founder and CEO of RKS, he has developed solutions for clientele in diverse industries, incubated companies, created licensed products, assembled a high-caliber team of colleagues, and accumulated accolades from the media and design juries recognizing the team’s hard work. He’s also established a powerful culture at RKS focused on the belief that “it’s not how you feel about the design or experience, but rather how it makes you feel about yourself,” which helps RKS consistently develop human-focused solutions with impact. He has led the firm’s portfolio of solutions for clients in areas such as healthcare, consumer packaged goods, appliances, housewares, sustainability solutions, entertainment/audio, consumer electronics, and lifestyle accessories. Recently Sawhney has been leading the firm’s efforts to deliver an absolute game-changer in the field of DNA sequencing with Ion Proton™, helping the blind better see the modern world with a new optimized smart phone, helping sustainable hydration acquire a sustainable foothold and helping introduce a revolution in live sound for performing musicians.

Sawhney invented the Psycho-Aesthetics® design methodology, which Harvard Business Press has explored as a business school case study. Psycho-Aesthetics® is also the central focus of Predictable Magic, a book co-authored by Sawhney and published by Wharton School Publishing in 2010. Sawhney has been inducted as a Fellow in the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA) and recognized with an honorary Ph.D. from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He has spoken globally and at dozens of U.S.-based conferences as a keynote speaker, and lectures often at prominent design and business schools. Sawhney also contributes editorial on topics of design, business and innovation for FastCoDesign, and Core77, and is the innovator/Jury Chair emeritus of IDSA’s Catalyst case program, championing design’s power to effect positive change in business, in lives and throughout the world.

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