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Faculty & Research

MCCAMC RSCA Awards for Spring 2016

Dear MCCAMC Colleagues,

I’m pleased to announce the recipients of the MCCAMC Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activity Awards for Spring 2016. The the quality of the applications was uniformly high with many strong proposals. We were able to fund seven proposals for reassigned time and five for additional travel support (I will contact those faculty directly with the travel funding amounts). There were strong proposals that we were unable to fund for this spring so I hope those faculty will consider submitting a proposal for Fall ’16. The call for applications for Fall ’16 will come in early spring. 

Congratulations to the following faculty!

Reassigned Time:

  • Melissa Brough, Comm Studies. Youth, Power, and Participation: Forging Participatory Public Culture in the Digital Age
  • Pasty Cox, Art. Urban Rebutia at Long Beach Museum of Art.
  • Jinah Kim, Comm Studies. Postcolonial Grief and the Afterlives of the Pacific Wars in the Americas. 
  • A.J. McCaffrey, Music. Doppelgänger for two pianos.
  • Alexandra Monchik, Music. Designing a Research Methods Course for the Graduate Student in Music Performance.
  • Jessica Retis, Journalism. The Handbook of Diasporas, Media and Culture. 
  • John Whitener, Music. Music Teacher Training and Public School Music Teaching in Mongolia and China. 

Additional Travel Support (specific $$ amounts will be emailed to individual faculty):

  • Marcy DeVeaux, Journalism. Oral Histories of the Great Migration into New England.
  • Julia Heinen, Music. The Black and Silver Screen: Hidden Gems from Hollywood.
  • Liviu Marinescu, Music. International Musicology Symposium and Masterclasses
  • Jeanine Minge, Comm Studies. Implementing the Cultural Archive Project with the Floating Doctors and the Ngabe Tribe in Panama.
  • Melissa Wall, Journalism. Communication Practices and the Syrian Refugee Crisis.

Each faculty member will be required to fill out a brief Report of Work Accomplished which will be sent separately. 



Dr. Dan Hosken
Interim Dean

MCCAMC RSCA Awards for Fall 2015

(From Jay Kvapil)

Dear Colleagues,

I am happy to announce the recipients of the second semester of MCCAMC Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activity Assigned Time Awards for the Fall 2015.  The quality of the applications was quite high, and the number increased significantly from last semester.   I am happy to announce that using Curb Endowment funds we can again fund twelve faculty for fall ’15 and plan to do the same for spring ’16. For faculty who submitted proposals, but were not selected, I hope you will submit again for spring 16, as some very good proposals were not funded due to limitations of funding. 

Congratulations to the following faculty:

  • Ron Borczon, Music, "Music Therapy: A Fieldwork Primer”
  • Eric Edson, CTVA, “More Story Solutions: 16 Plot Forms for Creating Great Heroes”
  • Gina Giotta, Comm Studies, “Author(iz)ing the Gase: Fashion Blogging, Media Authorship, and the Boyfriend Photographer”
  • Ah-jeong Kim, Theatre,  “A New World Theatre Textbook by Rutledge”
  • Jeanine Minge, Comm Studies, “The Cultural Archive Project: The Ngabe Tribe and the Floating Doctors”
  • J’aime Morrison, Theatre,  “Written in Dust: Translating the Words of John Fante’s Ask the Dust into Dance”
  • Mario Ontiveros, Art,  “Beyond Reflection: Unflinching Criticality and the Transformation of Self-Portraiture”
  • Aimee Carrillo Rowe, Comm Studies, Queer Xicana: Performance, Affect, and the Sacred”
  • Larry Stoffel, Music, “CSUN Wind Ensemble CD’s Projects”
  • Scott Sturgeon, CTVA, “Bushed, a Half-Hour Comedy Pilot for Premium Cable”
  • Steve Thachuck, Music, "Annotated Works Catalogue of Reginald Smith Brindle (section of Book)”
  • Melissa Wall, Journalism, “Citizen and Mobile Journalisms: Reimagining the Field”

MCCAMC RSCA Awards for Spring 2015

(from James Kvapil, Dean of MCCAMC)

Dear Colleagues,

I am happy to announce the recipients of the first semester of MCCAMC Research, Scholarly, and Creativity Assigned time Awards for the Spring 2015.  The quality of the applications was quite high, with many strong proposals.  We announced that we had enough funding for 12 awards, but because the  quality of the applications was so high, we have decided to award all 13 applicants.  Going forward, we hope that there will be even more applicants!  The call for applications for the Fall 2015 Semester will come out in February.

Congratulations to the following faculty:

  • Patsy Cox, Art, 3D Software for Printing Art
  • Owen Doonan, Art, Publications related to the Sinop (Turkey) Regional archaeological Project
  • Mario Ontiveros, Art, The Great Wall Institute of Los Angeles at CSUN's University Art Gallery
  • Christian Tedeschi, Art, Telegaph-Tin Can Transmissions: 10 years in the making
  • Meiquin Wang, Art, Urbanization and Contemporary Chinese Art
  • Bernardo Attias, Communication Studies, Cultural Hybridity and Commercial Opportunity: The Politics of Location in Electronic Dance Music Culture
  • Jose Luis Benavides, Journalism, "Spanish-Language Newspapers," bibiiographic article for publication in Oxford University's Press's Oxford Bibliographies in Latino Studies
  • Ron Borsczon, Music, Investigation, classification and analyzation of images generated from a specific music program in order to find constants within the images based upon the style and instrumentation of the music
  • Julie Heinen, Music, Something Borrowed, Something New (a broadranging series of performance for piano and clarient)
  • Dmitry Rachmonov, Music, Something Borrowed, Something New (a broadranging series of performance for piano and clarient)
  • LIviu Marinescu,  Music, Bent: A Composition for Piano and Electronics, Followed by an International Concert Tour and Recording
  • Alexandra Monchick, Music, "Achtung, Aufnahme!!! and the Elegy to silent Film"
  • Steve Thachuk, Music, Engraving & Publishing Recently Discovered Guitar Works of Reginald Smith Brundk

CSUN RSCA Awards for 2014-15

The Research and Grants Committee has completed its review of proposals submitted in response to the 2014-2015 CSUN Competition for Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Awards. Out of 86 proposals received from highly qualified faculty members, all deserving of support, the top 54 proposals were funded.

Proposals were evaluated and ranked on the basis of promise for external funding, PI’s track record, and positive impact on student learning and/or mentoring. Equally important and a key factor in this competition was the applicant’s ability to explain the significance of the project to a committee of colleagues outside of his/her discipline, with some preference given to probationary faculty members. The MCCAMC 2014-15 RSCA Awardees are:

  • Patsy Cox
    Project Title -- Printing and its potential applications for artists

  • Scott Sturgeon
    Project Title -- 
    Exiled In The Land of the Free: A History of Oren Lyons and the Iroquois

  • Melissa Wall
    Project Title -- 
    The Syrian Refugee Crisis: Mapping Communication Needs