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Jeanine Marie Mingé bio


Performance Studies, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Performance Ensemble

Ph.D., 2008, University of South Florida

Email: jeanine.mingé 
Office: MZ 352 
Phone: (818) 677-2874

 CONCRETE AND DUST book coverJeanine Marie Mingé's areas of interest include performance studies, feminist theory, queer theory, community art, and arts-based inquiry. All of her work is dedicated to cultivating social justice. She is equally enthralled by and creates the communicative presence of visual imagery, poetry, installation art, narrative, and performance. Her book co-authored with Amber Lynn Zimmerman will be published by Routledge Publishing Company in the series Innovative Ethnographies is entitled Concrete and Dust: Mapping the Sexual Terrains of Los Angeles. This book is an arts-based autoethnography of place and sexualities in Los Angeles. This research has garnered national attention. In April of 2011, Jeanine was invited to give the Keynote Address about my forthcoming book at James Madison University for their 33rd Annual Communication Studies Conference. She is developing a solo performance and will be touring this work She was invited to write a chapter in The Handbook for Autoethnography co-edited by Stacy Holman Jones, Tony Adams and Carolyn Ellis set to be published by Left Coast Press.  A recently published article in Text and Performance Quarterly entitled "Not Exactly the Same Parenting Story: Or, How Do We Live in the Academy" was an invited review of a performance by scholar/artist Deanna Shoemaker. She has also published work in Qualitative Inquiry and Studies in Symbolic Interactionism.