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Aimee Carrillo Rowe bio

Rhetoric, Feminist Theory, and Cultural Studies

Office: MZ 353
Phone: (818) 677-5378

Aimee Carrillo Rowe is Associate Professor in the Departments of Communication Studies at California State University, Northridge. She teaches and writes in the areas of Rhetoric, Feminist Theory, and Cultural Studies. Carrillo Rowe is interested human processes of meaning making, which are inseparable from power relations—from the formation of feminist alliances to academic disciplines to geopolitics, from the clothes we wear to the movies we watch and what we do to heal ourselves. Her first book, Power Lines: On the Subject of Feminist Alliances (Duke University Press, 2008) takes a rhetorical approach to ethnographic inquiry to consider the ways academic feminists make meaning of their alliances, feminism, and race. Answer the Call: Virtual Migration in Indian Call Centers (coauthored with Sheena Malhotra and Kimberlee Perez) explores how agents “migrate through time.” Answer the Call should be in print by 2012. Still the Silence: Feminist Reflections at the Edges of Sound (Malhotra and Carrillo Rowe, eds., under review) problematizes the binary between voice and silence to re-imagine the resistive possibilities of silence within feminist contexts. Pasando Tiempo: Chicano/a Performance as Recovery (in progress) traces how contemporary Chicana/o performance resists and rewrites U.S. assimilationist imperatives to generate multiple forms of recovery.