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Public Screenings - March 2014

The following screenings are open to the campus community and to the general public.  Admission is free.

The Big City (Mahanagar) dvd cover 

Thurs, March 6 -- 7 PM


The Big City (Mahanagar) (1963), 131 mins.

The Big City, Ray’s first portrayal of life in his native Kolkata, follows a young woman who decides to take a job to help support her family. A powerful human drama that is both hopeful morality tale and a commentary on the identity of the modern Indian woman.

Charulata (The Lonely Wife) dvd cover
Thurs, March 13 -- 7 PM


Charulata (The Lonely Wife) (1964), 117 mins.

Set in late nineteenth-century, pre-independence India, Ray’s Charulata is an exquisite story of a woman’s artistic and romantic yearning. A subtle and delicate tale of a marriage in jeopardy and a woman taking the first steps toward establishing her own voice.


Nayak poster 

Thurs, March 20 -- 7 PM


Nayak (The Hero) (1966), 120 mins.

From his second original screenplay, Ray’s Nayak tells the story of a Bengali matinee idol, who while on a cross-country train journey, ends up revealing all of his personal secrets to a young journalist. A compelling meditation on fame and the fragility of public personas.

Pratidwandi dvd cover
Thurs, March 27 -- 7 PM


The Adversary (Pratidwandi) (1970), 110 mins.

The first of three films collectively known as “The Calcutta Trilogy” that examine the city of Kolkata’s effect on youth and the high price it extracts from them. Stylistically daring and inventive, The Adversary is one of Ray’s most politically potent and provocative films.