ALL CTVA STUDENTS, except those in the M.F.A. program, have enrollment holds and must attend one advisement session in order to remove the major advisement hold and enroll for Fall 2016 classes. *

* EOP/Probation/APA students have additional advisement requirements.  Please refer to the Mike Curb College Student Resource Center/EOP Office advisement grid for instructions and contact information: http://www.csun.edu/sites/default/files/AdvisementGrid-F16.pdf

Advisement is mandatory for CTVA majors prior to each semester’s course registration period. Only after receiving advisement will a student receive departmental permission to register for classes online. Incoming freshmen and freshmen in their first semester must receive advisement at the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication Student Resource Center/EOP office. Freshmen in their second semester and incoming transfers must receive advisement from the CTVA Undergraduate Advisor, Kathleen McWilliams. Students are encouraged to email her for an appointment and to include their student ID numbers in the message. All other CTVA majors must receive advisement from CTVA faculty. Most of the options hold scheduled, mass advisement sessions, but students may also seek individual advisement meetings with faculty in their options.