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Upcoming Events in the West Gallery

Photo Club Exhibition

March 31st – April 13th, 2017

IImage of a clean simple bedroom, with a made bed, and green painted walls
Image credit: Calvin Tayreboya

Shop Show & Sale

April 14th – 27th

Wall sculpture made from small pices of wood
Kellan King, empty Topography, 2014 

The Second Annual Shop Show & Sale is organized by the CSUN Sculpture Organization. The exhibition is a collection of student, faculty and alumni work submitted on 10”x10” panels.  Drawings, paintings, prints, photos, ceramics, sculpture and mixed media will be created on these panels and will be available to purchase for $20 on the last day of the exhibition.  All proceeds benefit the CSUN Sculpture Shop.

From Our Perspectives:  A Photo Exhibit by LGBTQ Former Foster Youth in LA County

Sept 17 -22

man photographed through hole in tree
Read more about the exhibit

CSUN Painting Guild

Sept 23 – Oct  6

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Justice Can’t Wait: Deaf People of Color Seeking Change Through the Arts

Oct 22 – Nov 3

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