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The CSUN Department of Mathematics recognizes its obligation to prepare teachers so that their own future students will be able to meet the high demands of the California K-12 Academic Content Standards for Mathematics.  The California grade level mathematics standards were developed by the California State Board of Education with the assistance of four Stanford University mathematicians, and they are pitched at the level of those of the highest performing nations in mathematics education.  The Mathematics Framework for California Public Schools Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve includes the mathematics content standards and identifies mathematical topics that should be emphasized at particular grade levels.  Many of the most accomplished mathematicians in California, along with scholars from other disciplines, have expressed direct support for California's K-12 education policies, including the academic content standards, curriculum frameworks, instructional materials, and examinations aligned to the standards.

This page provides information about the teacher preparation programs offered by the Department of Mathematics.


Information about Math 210, Math 310, and Math 310L is available from:

Math 210      Math 310 & Math 310L

For further informatin contact the Math 210, 310, 310L course coordinator, Mary Rosen


Information about the Secondary Teaching Option of the math major:

NEW: Information about the Junior-Year Integrated Mathematics Teacher Credential Program.

Information about the the Four-Year Integrated Mathematics Teacher Credential Program:

Thank you for inquiring about the Department's policies regarding the Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics. We ask you to read this document with care so that you may determine whether or not we can assist you in completing the requirement for subject matter competency in mathematics. Please note that the CSUN Mathematics Department approves subject matter competence only for students who got their degree in mathematics from CSUN or who are getting their credential through CSUN.

To obtain a Single Subject Credential to teach secondary school mathematics, you must complete a State-approved program of collegiate study in mathematics (formerly called a "waiver program", now called an "academic program") or earn a passing score on the mathematics version of the CSET.

If you have questions about overall credential procedures, please visit the CSUN Credential Preparation Office in Education Room 1105 or call (818) 677-2586 or online at



Candidates Interested in Completing CSUN'S Academic Program in Mathematics

For a solid foundation in secondary teaching, we strongly urge teaching candidates to complete the Academic Program. The Academic Program is satisfied by the B.A., Option II, Secondary Teaching major in Mathematics at CSUN, but it is not necessary to complete the entire major in order to complete the Academic Program.

You must have no grade below a C in any mathematics course and an overall GPA in all mathematics courses of 2.6 or higher. Before seeing an advisor in the Department, compare your completed courses with the Academic Program and try to determine which requirements you have satisfied and which courses (if any) you will need to take. The substitution of different completed courses for required courses in the Academic Program is sometimes possible, but can only be determined by a Department advisor. If you desire a formal evaluation, email one of the advisors or call to make an appointment. Do not depend on "walk in" availability during office hours.

When you come for your advisement, be sure to bring complete transcripts of all college work and, if possible, a catalog from the institution(s) you attended. (You may bring unofficial transcripts to the appointment but official transcripts will be necessary before granting clearance. They do not have to be in a sealed envelope.) The transcripts are essential to a proper evaluation. There is no charge for an evaluation.

For detailed information go to



Candidates with a Degree in Mathematics Different from the
Mathematics Teaching Option at CSUN

If you already have a degree in mathematics you may be granted academic clearance for student teaching at CSUN if your coursework satisfies the following conditions:

If you have not taken the three required upper division courses, please see an advisor before enrolling. When you come for your advisement, be sure to bring complete transcripts of all college work and, if possible, a catalog from the institution(s) you attended. The transcripts are essential to a proper evaluation.


Candidates Taking the CSET

If you pass all three subtests of the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET):  Mathematics, you will be granted academic clearance by the Credential Office and you do not need to see an advisor in the Mathematics Department.

You may find  information about the CSET at

A syllabus and sample questions for the Mathematics Examination may be found at

If you pass Subtest I and Subtest II, you have satisfied subject-matter competence for a Foundational-Level Credential in mathematics.


Candidates Who Hold A Teaching Credential and Would Like an
Introductory Degree Authorization in Mathematics

A holder of a California Teaching Credential may add an Introductory Degree Authorization in Mathematics. This will permit you to teach up through ninth grade mathematics. More information will be available at the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing website:

The Introductory Degree Authorization has replaced the supplementary authorization.

For further information please contact:

Credential Advisors, Department Of Mathematics
  Email Voicemail
Kellie Evans (web) (818) 677-2705
John Dye (818) 677-2233
Ann E. Watkins (818) 677-2781
Ramin Vakilian (web) (818) 677-7786
Malcolm Soule (818) 677-3111
Mary Rosen (818) 677-7791