*Important information for students who need to take MATH 102, 104, 105 or any Calculus course.*

1. The prerequisites for these courses will change effective as of Fall 2011. The new prerequisites are listed in the following document: Prerequisites for Lower Division Mathematic Courses

2. As you can see from this table the Mathematics Placement Test (MPT) can save you requirements to enroll in the labs. The placement test is given July 16. Please go to the following visit the CSUN Division of Student Affairs Testing Center for more information, a calendar, and registration.

3. If you choose to take the exam in July, the Department of Mathematics will offer a free online tutorial starting June 13, 2011. To register for this tutorial please go to the Math Department Tutorial and Testing Center and click on the header for detailed enrollment instructions. You will need an enrollment key to enroll into the course. This enrollment key is mpt-prep-2011.

Content as well as online tutors will be available starting June 13, 2011. The tutors will be available on weekdays for several hours on weekdays until July 15.