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It is assumed that a student has completed at least the mathematics portion of the common core requirement listed on the undergraduate home page, or their equivalent.

Upper Division Core Requirements:

MATH 320, MATH 340, MATH 350, MATH 351, MATH 360, MATH 382/L, MATH 462, MATH 493

Upper Division Elective Courses:

In addition, the student must select (with the consent of the advisor) at least 3 elective courses chosen from the following list:

MATH 366, MATH 370, MATH 440A/B, MATH 450, MATH 455, MATH 460, MATH 463, MATH 470, MATH 480, MATH 481A/B, MATH 483, MATH 494 or appropriate graduate courses. Students planning to go into a graduate program must take MATH 450, MATH 455, and MATH 460.