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Requirements for the Minor in Mathematics

In order to receive a minor in mathematics students are required to complete 28 units: 16 lower division required courses and 12 upper division electives. All electives must be approved in advance by a math minor advisor.

Students interested in earning a minor in mathematics should see a mathematics minor advisor for the evaluation of their transcripts and admission to the program. Please download a copy of the appropriate from the Forms section of the Advisement webpage and present it along with an up to date copy of your DPR to a math minor advisor. You can find the list of all math advisors in the Advisement webpage.

The requirements for a minor in mathematics are as follows:

  • Lower Division Required Courses (16 Units)


Math 150A        Calculus I (5)
Math 150B        Calculus II (5)
Math 250           Calculus III (3)
Math 262           Introduction to Linear Algebra (3) 

Note: Phil 230, Symbolic Logic I, is recommended and satisfies the Critical Thinking section of General Education.

  • Upper Division Electives (12 Units)


Selected upper division mathematics courses totaling at least 12 units which must be approved in advance by a mathematics minor advisor. Depending on the student’s area of interest, any one of the following sequences could be used as part or all of the required 12 units; or other choices if approved by the mathematics minor advisor.

Computer Mathematics: Math 326, 340, 481A, 482
Secondary Teaching: Math 320, 341 or 360, 370
Statistics: Math 340, 440A, 440B

Application Form for a Minor in Mathematics