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Requirements for the Double Major in Mathematics

A student pursuing either a B.A. or a B.S. degree may combine a second major with mathematics. In this circumstance, upon approval of an advisor, 6 units of Upper Division electives may be satisfied by courses in the second major. The remaining electives must be taken in the department of mathematics. Under certain rare conditions the physics requirement in the Lower Division Core may be replaced by appropriate course work in the second major. Prior approval must be obtained from an advisor and the chair of the department of mathematics for this latter occurrence.

Students interested in obtaining a double major with mathematics should see a mathematics double major advisor for the evaluation of their transcripts and admission to the program. Please use the link provided below to download a copy of the application form for a double major in mathematics. Please present this application form along with an up to date copy of your DPR to a math double major advisor. You can find the list of all math advisors in the Advisement webpage.

Application Form for a Double Major in Mathematics