VEX U League


Fall 2015 Meetings:

Business: Fridays at 3:00PM in JD 1128

November 23 - Granada Hills Competition
Volunteers needed for the Granada Hills VEX Toss Up Challenge. Email us for more information.
Sep 20 - Critical Design Review
Business meeting at 5:00PM, followed by voting for the final robot designs and club potluck.
Aug 30 - Project Grad meeting, Officers' Meeting
Meeting with Project Grad at 12:00PM. Officers' meeting at 5:00PM.
Aug 23 - Important Meeting!
Business meeting at 2:00PM, followed by the Critical Design Review.
Aug 21 - General Meeting
Meeting with Valley College professor at 2:00PM.
Aug 16 - Business Meeting
General discussion.
Aug 14 - César Chávez Academy
Meeting with César Chávez Academy FTC Robotics team coach at 4:00PM.

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