Why Donate?

The CSUN VEX Robotics Team, the Matabots, was founded by Alfie Gil on October 2010 and was officially recognized as A.S. chartered student group on February 12, 2011. Along with competing in national and international VEX Robotics competitions, we promote new teams to participate in the VEX competitions through mentoring local high schools and colleges to set up the foundations and methodology of using the VEX Design systems. Through robotics we hope to inspire young professionals to advance in science, math, and technology. The donation money directly goes towards buying new parts for the robots that we build as well as covering travel expenses. Furthermore, the funds help us reach out to more schools and universities to provde mentorship and support for starting new clubs/teams. The link below takes you to the secure PayPal website to donate. The Matabots dearly appreciate your help.

Hall of Fame

Brian Straight Henry and Heather Susan Hla Shwe
Peter and Yamin Win Law and KhnAye Zu San Ian
Moe Moe Hundley Khyaw Oo and KKZ Project Grad Los Angeles
Summer Academic Enrichment Program